Monday, December 01, 2008

How many tax dollars are actually missing?

I have suggested on a number of occasions that,
the lack of standards, accountability, and record keeping
in the APS Finance Division reported by the Meyners
auditors have cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

APS will not respond, which illuminates a few possibilities;

  1. the figure is correct, and millions have been lost or stolen, or
  2. the number is even greater than I imagined; tens of millions.

The third possibility; that my estimate is too high,
would, you would think, generate some kind of response
from the APS; they would point to a lower amount.

They haven't pointed to a lower amount,
so apparently if the number is lower,
it isn't lower enough to bring them any relief.

One would think that as taxpayers,
we have a right to know the truth about the cost to taxpayers
of the incompetence and corruption in the APS Finance Division.

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