Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Access Investigations" investigated APS PD

Finally, APS Custodian of Public Records, Rigo Chavez,
has released the truth.

In January of 2007, the Journal published details of a scandal
in the leadership of the APS Police Department. link

Former, APS Chief of Police, Gil Lovato said at the time;

If the truth ever gets out, there won't be a single senior
APS administrator left standing.
At the time, a private investigator was hired to look into improprieties in the APS PD. According to a record surrendered by Rigo Chavez, the investigation took place between February 12 and March 12 of 2007.

I suspect that the results of the investigation reveal felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators. No one in the leadership of the APS has ever refuted that contention, despite many, many opportunities.

I have been trying to find out the name of the private investigator since early 2007. I filed a request for public records on September 9th of this year. In the interim, there have been many simple requests for the truth, and another formal request for public records, the latest on November 14 of this year.

Almost two years after the first request, Rigo Chavez has finally told the truth; the investigation was done by Access Investigations. link (top of the list when googled) Rigo Chavez is still refusing to surrender any pages in the contract which have to deal with confidentiality agreements.

Confidentiality is important. It is important, because according to Rigo Chavez, the results of the investigation are still secret from law enforcement.

Statutes of limitation expire within weeks, and APS good ol' boys will escape the consequences of their criminal misconduct.

I have written to District Attorney Kari Brandenburg, to request that she do something about this blatant miscarriage of justice.


In late 2006, early 2007, there was some criminal misconduct involving
the APS Police Department and some APS employees.

APS' Custodian of Public Records, Rigo Chavez has informed me that APS
is "still investigating" and has not turned any of the evidence of even felony
criminal misconduct, to your office.

Statutes of limitation are about to expire.

I am wondering if I can count on your office to interfere in their plan to withhold evidence of felony criminal misconduct, until after statutes of limitation expire?

As usual, she has ignored my email.

So what do you do when the leadership of the APS is hiding evidence of felony criminal misconduct, and the DA won't do anything about it?

Worse still, the media won't tell stakeholders the truth about the ethics and accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS, even though a majority of the board of education is being (re)elected in less than two months.

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