Friday, December 12, 2008

Whistle blowing still dangerous

"A whistleblower is a person who alleges misconduct.
More complex definitions may be used, but the issue is
that the whistleblower usually faces reprisal." wikilink
A recent audit by the Council of the Great City Schools
revealed that the APS has "... a culture of fear of retribution and
retaliation ..." against whistleblowers, (among others.)

One might suppose that whistle blowing is less risky in the
modern age. They would be supposing that, wrongly.

I intend to write at least a few posts on whistle blowing,
in particular whistle blowing in the APS.

In order to set the piece, I would refer readers to the
Government Accountability Project, Washington DC link

From that site, their mission;
Mission: The Government Accountability Project (GAP)
is a 30-year-old nonprofit public interest group that
promotes government and corporate accountability by
advancing occupational free speech, defending
whistleblowers, and empowering citizen activists.

A recent example of the treatment of whistleblowers by
the leadership of the APS is the story of
APS Accounting Department Director, Lou Anne Boothe
who blew the whistle on a number of problems in the now
thoroughly discredited APS Finance Division,
and who has not been heard from since.
"On Sept. 19, Boothe was placed on administrative leave with pay
90 minutes after sending an e-mail to members of the
Albuquerque Board of Education alerting them of her concerns
about district expenditures of state money."

And there is of course, my own story of the retribution and
retaliation to which I was subjected, for blowing the whistle
on incompetent and corrupt administrators and board members,
and on the abdication of the leadership of the APS,
as role models of the student standard of conduct.

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