Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why? Weh

Why Weh, won't you surrender the central committee meeting agenda to the public record?

Why Weh, won't you explain, defend, deny,
or even acknowledge, that your plan is to deny stakeholders
meaningful participation in decision making that affects their interests?

Why Weh, are you promising an all inclusive party and
delivering a good ol' boys club that is anything but?

Why Weh, would you compromise your character

to gain a tactical advantage in a power struggle
whose ultimate goal is to deny stakeholders
legitimate access their government?

... and think you that you are going to get away with it.

Update. A few hours after I posted this piece, I received
a copy of the call to the meeting. It appears that guests
will be allowed to attend for $20, which apparently includes lunch.

I would suppose members of the press are guests as well.

They represent a need to get reservations in by Monday the 5th
although the meeting is scheduled for Saturday the 10th.

Now, we've only to make sure that the whole meeting is run by
Robert's Rules of Order, and not by the rule of the gavel.

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