Wednesday, December 03, 2008

School board minutes are inaccurate

APS video tapes its board meetings. There really is no reason
why those video tapes cannot be the official minutes;
except that they represent the incontrovertible truth.

Instead, someone, I'm not sure who, is tasked with creating
an anecdotal and subjective impression of what happened.

I submit as evidence, the minutes which will be approved
at the meeting tonight. link

My public forum presentation, where I again asked
the leadership to set a time, a day, and a place where they
will answer any legitimate questions, candidly, forthrightly,
and honestly, was cleaned up before public dissemination.

The anecdotal impression reads;

Charles MacQuigg asked the APS Board of Education
to find a place, time, and date when it will address
the issue of Character Counts.
Close, but not the actual truth. It lacks the punch of the
actual presentation.

I cannot challenge the accuracy of the minutes because
the leadership of the APS will not allow their minutes to be
challenged; they approve them before the public forum begins,
and they will not allow public comment before the public forum.

This is problematic, because in their invitation to the community
to participate in the forum, they invite people to speak to a specific
agenda item if they so choose; except that they will not
allow anyone to speak on the record against two specific items;
approval of the agenda, and approval of minutes.

They did this in my opinion, because the board room is full
of all of the people that they are honoring at each meeting,

and they want them all to leave the room before
the public forum begins.

It is patently dishonest,
and par for the course.

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Anonymous said...

As I said I watched that board meeting on Talnet. No sound. Boys and their toys~ still don't work.