Tuesday, December 23, 2008

City's no settlement practice slammed.

According to the Journal, link, a federal judge revealed that
the city of Albuquerque has a practice of "no settlement" of
claims against the city. Every case goes to litigation which
has the effect of denying justice to many legitimate victims.

APS has the same policy.

APS' insurer, United Educators, link, recently raised the APS'
insurance premiums specifically based on the district's higher
than acceptable litigation expenses.

Rather than just make a fair settlement with victims of abuse
by the district and its employees, the district makes every
complainant prevail in court - no mean task considering that
APS employs the most powerful law firm in the state, and that
that law firm has a virtually unlimited large bore pipeline to
unwitting taxpayer financial support of education.

The bulk of the money goes to school board head honcho,
Paula Maes' husband's law firm, the Modrall.

Modrall makes so much money off litigating for the APS,
that they won't even tell you how much they make,
even in response to a request for public records under the
New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.

You can if you want, sue them over the records.

good luck.

As a side note; Paula Maes is running for the school board
again. Not only does she want to continue to feed off the
system, but she needs to be in place to prevent an honest
audit of the relationship between her law firm, and the APS.

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