Thursday, December 11, 2008

Once upon a time

Do you know the difference between a fairytale and a sea story?

One begins with "Once upon a time",
and the other begins with "This is no shit."

The following is no shit.

I had been told that the administrator that I had locked horns with, was falsifying public records with respect to fire drills at Hoover Middle School. The story, about principals not doing the required number of fire drills became a Larry Barker investigation. Hoover Middle School was given a "D" for failing to follow district policy, state fire code, and state law regarding the number of fire drills which must be conducted on an annual basis.

I went to the Office of Risk Management to inspect and copy the (falsified) public records. The Director of Risk Management was pretty adamant about not surrendering the records, even though the NM Inspection of Public Records Act requires the immediate surrender of immediately available records.

The APS Police were called by the Director and by me.

The APS Police Department is a Praetorian Guard. It is a publicly funded, private police force that reports to the leadership of the APS, and to no one else. The police force is not certificated or accredited by anyone but the leadership of the APS.

Two of them rolled up.

The first thing I did was to insist that they begin recording our discussion. They claimed to have no way of creating an incontrovertible log, either on their person, or in their vehicle(s). And then they made me leave.

Before I left, I asked them to seize the public records in question in order to protect them. In essence they said.
Sorry, but that's just not the way we roll.

Except that they left out the "sorry" part.

The APS senior administrator prepared a statement and filed it with the APS police. It was a sworn statement.

Later, during an arbitration and under oath, he offered testimony which contradicted the written sworn statement.

In fact, neither statement was true.
In reality, only one of two conflicting accounts can be true.
The other is a lie.

If it is not perjury; a fourth degree felony; what is?

The settlement agreement that I signed with APS Modrall
included prohibiting me from taking that incontrovertible
evidence of the commission of a fourth degree felony by a
senior APS administrator, to any agent of law enforcement.

Tax dollars, unwitting taxpayer support of "education", were
used to buy exception to the law, for one of the good ol' boys.

And that's where the story ends. Because
the leadership of the APS is not even accountable to the law.

Right now, they are holding evidence of criminal misconduct
by a whole different set of administrators.

They are currently suppressing evidence of criminal misconduct
involving senior APS administrators in the Peanut Butter Gate
scandal in the APS Police Department.

They are waiting for statutes of limitation to expire,
in order to except another senior APS administrator from
accountability for felony criminal misuse of the BCSO
data base.

They are not even accountable to the law;
the lowest commonly accepted standard of conduct.

A far lower standard of conduct than
the student standard of conduct;

a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct.

They cannot even be held accountable as role models.
They've abdicated, and they refuse to talk about it.

They will not explain, defend, deny, or even acknowledge that
they have excepted themselves from accountability as
role models of the student standard of conduct.

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