Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Manifestly dishonest APS leaders by name

We will begin of course, by defining "dishonest".
For the purpose of this post, we will use dishonest as defined
by the APS Student Standard of Conduct,
by which APS leaders are bound as role models.

The Student Standard of Conduct mentions the obvious manifestations of dishonest behavior. In addition it specifically adds "stonewalling" as manifest dishonesty.

In so far as none of those who will find their name on this list, will stop stonewalling in response to legitimate questions about the public interests in the public schools, they are manifestly dishonest.

  • The entire Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education;
    • Paula Maes,
    • Robert Lucero,
    • Berna Facio,
    • MaryLee Martin,
    • Delores Griego,
    • Marty Esquivel and
    • Jon Barela.
  • Superintendent Winston Brooks,
  • Chief Operations Officer, Brad Winter,
  • Chief Academic Officer, Linda Sink,
  • Executive Director of Communications, Monica Armenta,
  • Director of Communications, Rigo Chavez,
  • Executive Director of Human Resources Andrea Trybus,
  • Chief Financial Officer, Gina Hickman,
  • Director of Internal Audits; Margret Koshmider
  • Executive Director of Instruction & Accountability Rose-Ann McKernan,
  • Director of Instruction & Accountability, Thomas Genne,
  • Chief of School Police, Bill Reed, and
  • The Modrall Law Firm, the litigations arm of the leadership of the APS

Necessarily part of the list would be;
The Albuquerque Journal, KRQE,KOAT, KOB, KKOB

All that anyone of these people has to do to remove their name
from this list, would to set the time, the day, and the place where they will respond to any legitimate question about the public interests in the public schools,
candidly, forthrightly and honestly.

You, the reader, have to accept that in response to the question;
Are you willing to be held honestly accountable
to meaningful standards of conduct and competence?
no comment means, no. Stonewalling means, no.

cc everyone, co superintendent(at)aps.edu, apsboard(at)aps.edu, the Journal,KRQE,KOAT, KOB, and KKOB.

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