Friday, December 12, 2008

A perfectly legitimate request for information

When Gil Lovato "retired" from his position as the Chief of the APS Police Department, he complained that the leadership of the APS was using private investigators to investigate allegations of their misconduct or incompetence, instead of letting him and his Praetorian Guard conduct the investigations.

So what we have here is that, when someone gets wind of an administrator or board member doing something wrong. So the leadership of the APS hires a private investigator to gather evidence and testimony, and then to turn both over to the leadership who will decide what will be done with both.

A case in point. A private investigator was hired to investigate Peanut Butter Gate. The scandal was huge and included significant criminal misconduct, including felony criminal misconduct by at least one very senior APS administrator.

The testimony and evidence that were gathered by the private investigator are now in the possession of the leadership of APS and Modrall. And no one else.

APS Custodian of Public Records Rigo Chavez relates that the testimony and evidence has not been turned over to the DA's Office, because the investigation is still "underway."

The "investigation is still under way" two years after the scandal made headlines. link

The investigation will not be completed until after statutes of limitation expire, and good ol' boys except themselves from accountability to the law. The expiration of statutes of limitation are weeks, maybe days, away.

It is fair to assume that many of the private investigations of executive and administrative misconduct have revealed criminal misconduct. How many of those were referred to law enforcement? How many were not?

Beth Everitt alluded to this possibility when she suggested that Lovato would retaliate against her by revealing something about her and drunk driving. She did not elaborate.

At the very least, the appearance of a conflict of interest is created when the leadership of the APS investigates itself and then keeps the results secret from public knowledge.

The leadership of the APS "claims" accountability to standards of conduct which prohibit creating the appearance of a conflict of interest.

So my perfectly legitimate request for information is this;

Will the leadership of the APS surrender an ethically redacted version of every one of those investigations to public knowledge?

Yes or no?

cc Winston Brooks, Monica Armenta, Jon Barela, Marty Esquivel, Delores Griego, Berna Facio, Robert Lucero, and Paula Maes upon posting.

I will also shoot a copy to KOB, KOAT, KRQE and the Journal
for whatever good that will do.

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Anonymous said...

Ask for the records of school cops going to court. They almost never did in my time, and we responded to felonies frequently, and did at least half-assed reports that should have gotten burglars and child molesters a day in court.

I was a school cop for ten years, and I was called into court exactly four times. I arrested dozens of people breaking into schools, handcuffed them, wrote out criminal complaints that contained the elements of the crime and my resonable suspicion or probable cause to believe a crime had been committed, and took them to jail.

Ask for records of APSPD reports, then compare to the DA doing anything with them. We were told that EVERY report was sent to the DA and the JPPO for "prosectorial review". How is it that I got called into court less times that I can count on one hand?

Either the DA's office decided to not prosecute lots of people who I caught stealing computers at night from schools, or the reports were never sent over. I have a record, given to me recently by current administration under the aiegis of Mr. Reed, that shows all the HUNDREDS of reports I wrote, that shows the number of people I took to jail or wrote up for wrongdoing that I personally saw them commit.

I got Danny Moon, he is my little bitch. Whether or not he gets convicted, I know what he did and so does the DA's office. Can you say indictment for Racketeering, Moon? I thought you could, now, you gutless and greedy bastard. Having teenage kids do the dirty work of a big bad former Marine? Coward. I genuinely hope you rot in prison, Danny Boy.

Now to get the rest of them. Every one who does two hours of work when they should be working eight or more. Every person who profits from subverting the procurement process to make money for themselves that should be going to educating kids. Everyone who overcounts students, then pockets the extra money. Every one who fires whistleblowers to protect an ongoing crime. Get 'em, Ched, get 'em.

I am almost done with my fight, you are not. Make them pay, recover lots of money for APS with Mr. Balderas, then get 10% of what you saved the government when they go down for Racketeering, buddy.

Good luck.

Seeing Gil's picture makes me ill, he could have stopped SO much corruption, he was handed all sorts of reports with proof, and all that he ever did was expand his map of half-buried skeletons and the closets they were in. Another cowardly and greedy ass who we are better off without.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Joseph's response...that's why Charactor Counts! will never be laid upon adults other than teachers in APS.
They would have to be accountable.... at least accountab le other than to their seeming master Satan (LOL).
--An APS instructor

Anonymous said...

This link will take you to a channel 4 newscast on Moon's 64 count felony indictment

It won't let me embed the video for some reason, but the link should work.