Monday, December 08, 2008

Where there's smoke, there's fire

If every standards and accountability audit that has ever been done on any division in the Albuquerque Public Schools, has revealed a significant lack of standards and accountability,

you have to wonder what an audit of the next higher layer of administration would reveal.

Tom Savage was the next higher layer of administration above the Finance Division; a disaster of monumental proportion. He failed to address the problems revealed in the Meyners Audit.

Tom Savage was also the next higher layer of administration over the APS Police Department. He failed to prevent the public corruption and criminal conspiracy that developed there.

He was retired with honors.

Beth Everitt was responsible for making sure that Tom Savage was up to the job.

He wasn't, and she was retired with honors.

The lack of standards and accountability at the departmental level, flows from a well that begins with the school board, and flows through the superintendent's office, through deputy superintendents, and who knows how many other levels of management,

before it ends up at the departmental and divisional level.

Paula Maes says she will never allow any audit that individually
names any corrupt or incompetent administrator above the
departmental level, "... like for example; Tom Savage."

And including members of the APS Board of Education.

Who are ultimately responsible for the fact that
according to Governor Bill Richardson,

The leadership of the APS has a statewide,
earned reputation for its lack of financial accountability."
As proven incontrovertibly, by the Meyers Audit, and by
every other impartial audit that has ever been done on any
division or department in the entire APS.

I will bow, of course, to any controverting fact.

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