Tuesday, December 02, 2008

APS' SilentWhistle

There is an article in the Journal this morning. The Journal
has not provided a link. It is on page B2, and is entitled;

"Report APS activity with SilentWhistle."(one word)
The gist of it is;
People who have information about possible illegal, unethical or inappropriate activities within the APS can report same to SilentWhistle, who will then relay the information to the APS Internal Audit Department.
The immediate problems are;
  1. There is no code of ethical conduct to be violated. The leadership of the APS steadfastly refuses to point to a code of ethics to which they will be held accountable; not even the Student Standard of Conduct, which is an ethical code of conduct.
  2. SilentWhistle then shoots the complaint back to the good ol' boys. It goes directly to the now thoroughly discredited Internal Audit Department, to be adjudicated by someone who is not too busy playing slots or watching porn. It creates a blatant appearance of a conflict of interest -APS' stock and trade.

So beside the fact that there are no rules to break, and
beside the fact that good ol' boys will (not) be actually
holding themselves accountable for their misconduct,

what is left, but another deliberate deception about standards
and accountability in the leadership of the APS?

I will file a complaint with the Journal over their misrepresentation, for what ever good that will do. Emailed upon posting, to accuracy@abqjournal.com.
Dear Sir or Ma'am,

On page B2, you have a story; Report APS activity with SilentWhistle

The story mistakenly implies that APS enforces a code of ethics.

If you investigate this at all, you will find that the APS
does not have a code of ethics, to which they admit accountability.

ched macquigg

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