Monday, December 29, 2008

Who watches the watchers?

I assume that every agency of government includes someone
whose job it is, to watch over the public interests and resources.

It would appear that they are not doing their job;
the public trust and treasure are not being protected from
the waste that flows from corruption and incompetence.

Take for example the agency of government called the APS.

Someone was supposed to have been watching over the public
interests and resources for these last hundred years.

Now we discover, as reported by the Meyners Audit,
that the leadership of the APS has never protected tax dollars
with adequate policies, adequate accountability, or with
adequate record keeping; the most basic requirements for
fighting the waste created by incompetence and corruption.

So who watches over watchers in the APS?

Apparently, no one.

And now, when asked to allow a watcher to come in and
ferret out the truth about the corruption and incompetence
in the leadership of the APS,
an impartial administrative accountability auditor,

the leadership of the APS says, "no way."

School board head honcho, Paula Maes, said that
she will never allow an audit that names the names of the
incompetent and corrupt administrators and board members
in the leadership of the APS.

So who watches over Paula Maes and her ilk?

Apparently, no one.
And likely, millions of tax dollars have gone missing.

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