Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Which side is Steve Pearce on?

You pick a side when you don't pick a side. unk
There is a battle between good and evil going on in the
leadership of the Republican Party of New Mexico
and Steve Pearce has not yet picked a side.

When you see a bully beating up a little kid,
you are immediately obligated to pick a side.

If you don't, you have taken the side of the bully.

The bully in the NMRP is Allen Weh et al.

The little kid, would be everyone else in the NMRP
who believes in their right to meaningful participation
in decisions that affect their interests.

The fight is over whether or not there will be parliamentary
rules that level the playing field between the powerful and the powerless.

Allen Weh and the other bullies,
suppose that they make decisions by "the rule of the gavel";
a manifestation of their power over the great unwashed.

Parliamentary procedure, already afforded to Republicans
at the national level, ends the arbitrary and indefensible
rule of the gavel.

There is no more fundamental question.
The most important decision that a group will ever make,
is when they decide on how decisions will be made.
It should also be their first. again,unk
Potentially the next Chairman of the NMRP,
Steve Pearce needs to pick a side.

He needs to stand up in defense of the amendment which
creates Parliamentary Rule to govern party meetings.

If he does not take a stand at all,
then he has take the side of the bullies.

The same can be said for Allen McCullough
and anyone else who aspires to lead the NMRP.

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