Monday, December 01, 2008

Monica Armenta's first anniversary passed without notice.

It has occurred to me that Monica Armenta's first anniversary
as the Executive Director of the APS Communications, came
and went without notice. She came into her position in June 2007.

In the following year,
she was paid $105K, at more than $50/hr and a million or so
more dollars were spent by the department as a whole,
"communicating" with stakeholders.

Let's take a look at the last year's communication.
The community still doesn't know;

  • the truth about the Peanut Butter Gate scandal in the APS Police Department,
  • that APS still has not surrendered evidence of felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators,
  • that the upcoming expiration of statutes of limitation which will allow the good ol' boys to escape accountability for their misconduct in the APSPD scandal,
  • the truth about connections between vendors that supported the administrative soiree at the Inn of the Mountain Gods, and the benefits they received in the form of lucrative APS contracts, link
  • the truth about the student militia that was formed at Manzano HS to curb student fighting during lunch periods,
  • why the leadership of the APS will not conduct an impartial administrative accountability audit that would expose corruption, incompetence and the practices that enable them,
  • the administrative leaves of the former CFO and the subordinate who filed sexual harassment charges against him,
  • students are in charge at schools, because the District has no written discipline philosophy, not even a bad one,
  • one of the least user friendly websites on the planet,
  • spending at the Uptown Complex, specifically on the still unjustified board room,
  • the abysmal failure of Character Counts! in the APS, despite national success of the program,
  • the truth about the relationship between the APS and the Modrall law firm, and their litigation against the public interests, in excepting APS senior administrators and board members from accountability to the law,
  • the truth about Grade Gate,
  • the truth about the principal shuffle,
  • the truth about the lack of meaningful standards of conduct and competence for administrators and board members,
  • the lack of any system that guarantees a principled resolution of any complaint made against an administrator,
  • that auditors revealed a "culture of fear of retribution and retaliation" against anyone who files a complaint anyway,
  • the lack of standards, accountability, and record keeping in the Finance Division,
  • and the millions of tax dollars missing as the result,
  • the real truth about the Meyners Audit,
  • that the Director of Internal Audits was fired a month after he was vetted for, and promoted to, one of the highest ranking slots in the APS.
  • the truth about the cancellation of fire safety inspections in schools, to free up money to build a fancy new board room outfitted with the finest electronic wizardry,
  • the damage done to APS bond rating by the Meyners Audit results, and the cost to tax payers,
  • the promotion of two subordinates in the APS Finance Division, who never blew the whistle on the irregularities in the Finance Division, to positions from which a cover up could be mounted,
The point is; if the question, or the answer, are inconvenient
Monica Armenta will not respond candidly, forthrightly and
honestly. She will not respond at all.

None of them will.


Anonymous said...

"that the Director of Internal Audits was fired a month after he was vetted for, and promoted to, one of the highest ranking slots in the APS"

"...the internal auditor since May 2007..."

Was he fired in June 2007 or June 2008?

ched macquigg said...

he was a run of the mill internal auditor until he was promoted to Director of Internal Audits in May of 2008.

I could be wrong, it is very difficult for me to get any straight information from them.

I will bow to controverting fact.

Where did your citation come from? Did I write it?

ched macquigg said...

in answer to your question, it is my understanding that he was fired on or about June 19, 2008