Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is felony criminal misconduct being kept secret


The behavior described in the article, illegal use of a supposedly secure criminal data base, is a fourth degree felony.

"... DPS (NM State Police) spokesman Peter Olson said Thursday that APS school police have no authority to conduct such checks.
"BCSO and APS can't share (an authorization number). It's illegal; it's a violation of federal law," Olson said.

Rigo Chavez says the leadership of the APS, almost two years later, has still not surrendered the evidence, the report from Access Investigations, to District Attorney Brandenburg.

Statutes of limitation will expire long before they ever do.

Along the same lines we have link, another APS senior administrator looking for exception to the law.

... and I find myself wondering, if enough will ever be enough.

Colleen Heild, the Journal reporter who wrote the original story has been asked to write a follow up on the expiration of statutes of limitation, and the get out of jail free cards for APS senior administrators.

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