Thursday, December 11, 2008

My motives in question

Not that the motive of the questioner
has anything to do with it.

The legitimacy of a question is self evident.

One can't refuse to answer a legitimate question
because they don't approve of the either the questioner
or his motive for asking the question.

In any event, I have two motives.

The first has to do with my training in Character Counts!
It worked.

What ever else, I believe that the leadership of the APS must
subject themselves to honest accountability as role models
of the Pillars of Character Counts! for at least the few hours
that they hold students accountable to that standard.

The second has to do with the concept expressed first by another;

"No debt is too old for an honest man to pay."

First they must be made accountable to a higher standard of
conduct than the law,

and then;

they can be compelled to provide a principled resolution of
my complaints.

I am ashamed of neither motive, and both
have been on the table since the very first day.

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