Sunday, December 28, 2008

Struggle for power in the NMRP

I heard it characterized as the "machine republicans" versus "free republicans", and the characterization resonates in me.

It is the "rule from the top down", against the "rule from the bottom up" republicans.

It is the "good ol' boys club", against the "all inclusive" club.

It is more of the status quo, against a fresh beginning.

More than anything else, it is the "rule of the gavel" mentality
against the "Robert's Rules of Order" mentality.
link (the official site) or wikilink (easier for a quick read)

Rules are written by the powerless to level the playing field with the powerful. Rules are then perverted by the powerful to retilt the playing field in their favor.

Allen Weh and the ham fisted style of leadership that has largely destroyed enthusiasm of any kind in the Republican Party of New Mexico, will do every thing they can to prevent Robert's Rules of Order, from becoming the rules that govern deliberative meetings of the Republican Party in New Mexico. The fight will take place at the upcoming NMRP State Central Committee meeting.

Allen Weh attempted once already, to call a meeting of the Central Committee without putting the amendments on the agenda. that would have established, among other things, parliamentary procedure at deliberative meetings, that protects the rights of the powerless. His attempt to hide the issue from the membership, is exactly the kind of despicable behavior that Robert's Rules will prevent in the future.

Allen Weh, et al. would like to maintain the power to suppress legitimate opposition by pounding it down with the "rule of the gavel"; an indefensible notion that Allen Whe, and others like him, are so good for the party, that they should be given the power to steer decision making in directions that suit their interests.

Case on point;

Republican Party Rules link make no mention of a need for candidates for state party office to announce their candidacy in time to have their name places on a ballot to be printed in advance of the State Central Committee meeting where the election takes place.
Sensing an opportunity to stack the deck, Weh has decided that there will be no opportunity to nominate candidates from the floor of that meeting.
His decision meets no need but his own. He thinks he can get away with it by his own unilateral decision.
He will attempt to place the amendment that provides for Robert's Rules of Order to be adopted, on the agenda after he manipulates the election process for state officers.
He will meet with substantial opposition.
The discussion of Robert's Rules of Order, will be the first order of business.
Some one else first wrote;
"The most important decision a group will ever make, is their decision about how decisions will be made. It should also be their first."
This "plot" to reform the NMRP, is the product of a group that the leadership of the NMRP calls "that Saturday morning group" hosted by State Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones. link I have it on good authority, first hand, that there are no less than two spies that attend the Saturday morning discussions and then report back directly to the leadership of the NMRP.

Allen Weh once said, after stomping on the opposition by means of his "rule of the gavel";
“It’s my bat, my ball ..." link

Not any more it isn't.

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