Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Parade gets rained on.

Setting the piece;

My wife and I went to San Diego.
We have been wanting to go for a long time;
the reservations were almost as old.
It was raining the day we got there,and the next day it rained four inches. Apparently a record since the dinosaurs.

The next day was pretty great;
San Diego has a lot of very cool things to see.

And then it started raining again,
and still is, as far as I know.

Note: if you go to San Diego;
  • A San Diego "Go" Card costs more than its worth,
    if for some reason, you can't do a lot of outdoor stuff.

  • If you are not careful about the location of your lodgings,
    you can end up under the flight path of the busiest runways on the planet.
    When they're on a roll, a really big plane flies over your room every ninety seconds.

    They always missed the top of the building,
    but not by much.

  • Which is only slightly more frequently than a train goes by your room and blows a huge fog horn, which is apparently blown all night long for any reason at all, just for the hell of it, or maybe even out of spite.

  • There is no place in the entire town of San Diego, where you can park a car, and not be parked next to a parking meter. Carry lots of quarters.

  • At our Holiday Inn, their parking garage is a parking meter. You get metered for twenty bucks a day, and you don't even get a kiss.

  • Airlines charge you almost as much to move up a ticket out, as they charged you for the one that got you there in there in the first place.

If it all gets too much for you,
plan a trip by the Japanese Tranquility Garden
in Balboa Park. and you will feel much better.

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