Sunday, December 07, 2008

Open Meetings resolution

The APS Board of Education is poised link to adopt
a resolution link outlining its intentions regarding compliance
with the New Mexico Open Meetings Act.

The purpose of Open Meetings Act requirements
is to ensure that anyone who might want to attend a meeting
is made reasonably aware of an upcoming meeting.

The first place one would reasonably look, would be the district's
piss poor website, one of the most useless and user unfriendly
websites in existence.

But they will not necessarily find the meeting posted there.
The notice may not be posted on the website,
because of qualifying language in the lengthy proposal;

substantial compliance with any one or more of
the foregoing alternatives which may be applicable
is reasonable notice,... " (emphasis added)
Which means that if the board would like to have a meeting
that no one knew about but them, they could advertise the
meeting by means of;
"Posting a notice of the date, time, and place in the
main lobby of the school district administration building ..."
where every interested stakeholder is likely to stumble across it
during the normal course of their day. Right.

Give me a break.

There is no reason in the world, that the board of education
cannot guarantee that notice of meetings, at the very least,
be posted on their website, and a full 24 hours in advance,
a requirement that they now, routinely ignore

regardless of how else, or where else, they post notice.

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