Thursday, May 15, 2008

What ever happened to APS Police Chief, Gil Lovato?

If Sam Bregman is to be believed,

Gil Lovato's testimony (body map) in open court would

"... leave no APS senior administrator left standing."

So far, we have not heard that testimony, nor have we seen
the mother of all body maps.

So far,
APS and Modrall
(unwitting taxpayers) have paid Lovato
$37K in "administrative leave" (a paid vacation)
and moved his body map out of State District Court.

Since there is no "case look up" in the federal courts,
it will be nearly impossible to find out what is going on.

I suspect that Lovato and Bregman have, or will,
settle out of court.

A great deal of money will be paid to Lovato and Bregman,
and Lovato will agree to keep his body map secret.

Have you never wondered why the APS cannot fire a senior
administrator, for any reason,
without giving them large cash settlements, or ridiculous and
completely unjustifiable paid vacations?

They gave me a few tens of thousands of dollars, in one of my settlements, not to hand evidence of felony criminal misconduct by senior administrators, to any police agency. I can offer first hand testimony that APS Modrall spends tax dollars to buy immunity for senior administrators.

If the leadership of the APS follows past practice;
they will give Lovato and Bregman a boot full of our cash
and then keep the whole thing secret from stakeholders.

Thomas J Lang, Kent Walz, Mary Lynn Roper,
Michelle Donaldson,
and Rhonda Aubrey will do their part
through their relentless refusal to investigate and report
upon ethics and accountability in the leadership of the APS.

This is why the leadership of the APS and Modrall
does not want to be held honestly accountable to the
student standard of conduct; a standard of ethical conduct.

Because Modrall and legal weaselry can prove that its not
against the "law" to use unwitting taxpayer support
of education to buy exception from the law
for the good ol' boys;

they will escape accountability to the absolute lowest
standard of acceptable conduct.

This betrayal of the public trust may actually be "legal"

but it sure as hell is not ethical.

Paula Maes Modrall
and the "leadership" of the APS
abdicated as role models of the student standard of conduct
so that they could bend the "law" to their personal advantage,

and then get away with it.

This is not just about role modeling.

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Joseph Lopez said...

Being pissed at the whole broken, inter-married, chromosomaly damaged system is how I am starting to look at this mess. There is no getting anyone to anything about any of it, not for people with no money and power.

Frank Castle is the Punisher, in one iteration he tries to let the cops and the DA handle some things that happened to him, but they do nothing, they are SCARED, so he has to go after the criminals himself. Sometimes it is rogue cops who he has to get, or sometimes his family is killed by crossfire by two different gangs, both of which he vows to be a plague upon.

I am not that good, have no Wayne fortune or Castle Special Ops /CIA background. I can't make the bad guys do what I say because I have no endless supply of money for intel and support and tech and deception and denial campaigns, ...and they know that.

So, all we little people can do is just let them only screw us over with high gas prices and dead poor boys dying in Vietnam..oh, I mean IRAQ. Same old, old boss same as the new boss, same as the boss that will try to take him down, never changes - Mel Brooks had it right - It's GOOD to be the King. Or a lickspittle of said King,the Status Quo Elite Decadent Pricks!