Friday, May 16, 2008

If APS Chief Operating Officer, Brad Winter

is in charge of everything except educating kids;

he must be in charge of Monica Armenta.

Which means, when Monica Armenta refuses to answer
legitimate questions about ethics and accountability and
the leadership of the APS,

she does so, at the command of, or with the permission of

of the Chief Operating Officer of a billion, 300 million dollar
a year corporation.

He will not allow anyone to answer even legitimate questions
about ethics and accountability in the administration
of the public trust and treasure in the APS.

I'll bet that he told her not to say anything
about a forensic audit either.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A reader made a good point before.. why doesn't Brad winter and/or Winston Brooks be the spokesperson for APS and cut out Monica's expensive position.
I have nothing personal against her, she could be transferred to another position. PRofessionally, I'm not a great fan of the work she does to the media.
Brooks put an Elective-teacher freeze on long before he expanded to 2 assoc supes... so he sending out a message many of us that work in the system do not agree with.
I think Brooks is out of his league here.
I think Monica is not suited for that position she has.
I think cutting teachers and increasing admin is the very wrong way to go!
Thanks Ched!