Wednesday, May 21, 2008

... a conspiracy theory that I find ridiculous ..."

That's what Mario Burgos thinks of my "theory".

  • The leadership of the APS handles a billion dollars a year without rules, without accountability and without keeping records. (Meyners Audit)
  • Neither APS nor Meyners will affirm that any evidence of criminal misconduct has been, or will be, forwarded to law enforcement for prosecution.
  • The APS Finance Division is now headed by an employee who had guilty knowledge of the problems in the division and did not report them.
  • The new Director of the Internal Audit Division is an employee who had guilty knowledge of the problems in the division, and did not report them.
  • They refuse to disclose the amount of money that they have spent at 6400 Uptown Blvd. The especially will not surrender an honest accounting of the money they spend building a board room instead of fire proofing classrooms.
  • They refuse to disclose the amount of money that Modrall makes off taxpayers and the APS; even in violation of the law. The amount is so large, that it precipitated an increase in the premiums paid by the APS for their insurance.
  • They have deliberately and methodically rewritten board policy in order that they are no longer accountable to any standard of conduct other than the law; abdicating as the senior most role models of the student standard of ethical conduct.
  • They struck from their own code of conduct;
    "In no case shall the standards of conduct for adults be lower than the standard for students."
  • They have removed the public forum from the public record;
  • after having falsified the public record of board meetings broadcast to the community
  • There is credible evidence of felony criminal misuse of Darren White's NCIC data base by members of the leadership of the APS.
  • The evidence has been hidden from public knowledge by Darren White and the leadership of the APS; both of whom refuse to surrender as much of the truth as the law allows; and honest accountability to any standard of ethical conduct requires.
  • The board recently rewrote its Code of Ethics. It does not contain the word ethics, except in the title. It is by their own admission, completely unenforceable.
  • They cannot fire a senior administrators without giving them a few hundred thousand dollars in hush money. Sam Bregman and Gil Lovato said if the truth about the leadership of the APS was ever made public, there would not be a single senior administrator left standing.
  • An investigation of the corruption in the APS Police Department was performed by an impartial private investigator. There is every reason to believe that the report would have included felony criminal misconduct, public corruption and criminal conspiracy.
  • That report was given to District Attorney Kari Brandenburg. I say that, despite the fact that neither APS nor Brandenburg will confirm or deny that the report was surrendered to law enforcement.
  • Brandenburg has been sitting on the evidence for more than a year. All she had to do was read it and determine if the criminal misconduct warranted prosecution. Brandenburg has steadfastly refused to surrender what truth the law allows. She refuses even to cite the "billable hours" in her "investigation".
  • They refuse a forensic audit. (Paula Maes, on the record)
  • The local media will cover none of this. Coincidently, Paula Maes is the President of the New Mexico Broadcasters Association.

And there you have it; my "conspiracy theory."

I think all of this warrants
an aggressive full scale forensic audit

of the entire leadership of the APS.

Mario Burgos thinks I wrap my head with tinfoil.


Joseph Lopez said...

Hey, I know the FEELING! I can't go outside without my spify tinfoil baseball cap! The ALIENS will take over my BRAIN!

And inside? I prefer my yarmukle (yamaka) of GOLD foil, oh vey!

Painted as a conspiracy nut? I say GO with it, sir! They won't listen, but it will make a funny story when you tell your grandkids how the cops FINALLY got Paula Maes' KIDS for criminal conspiracy "But Mom did it fer YEARS, howcumfor SHE wasn't arrested?!?"

Are they trying to get to some legal point of common law "marriage", where since they have been doing "it" for so long, it is considered a legal union?

Yeah, and that is the fuel for theories, CONSIDERING the potential for harm to kid's education and the environment they learn in. Then TESTING that theory, making adjustments and fine tuning it. Continuous Improvement. Science is built on it, yet public opinion and public school POLICY is not.

If a scientist has a theory, he tests it and asks an unaffiliated colleauge to test his results independently. I think you and I have tried that tactic. Burgos is not testing the theory by doing his research, he is merely opining.

Scientist came up with the atomic model withut being able to SEE it. Much the same, by showing the public what APS will NOT give over to scrutiny (in violation of the law) gives us a good picture of the graft model being used to take money. What they don't want to share reveals much.

But Burgos has not read your whole blog, I guess, or just wants to stay friendly and in the social circle so he can get quotes and comments from the Good Old Boys. I think they call those kind of Journalists "Hangers On", but he thinks you and I are "nuts". so there you go.

Anonymous said...

a common American approach to solving big problems nowadays is the "Ostrich head in the sand" technque.
From PResident Bush to your local Vice Principal, you can find many people sticking their head in the sand, hoping "it'll all just go away".
But... as we also know, when the ostrict sticks his head in the sand, a lion often gobbles him up and he never sees it coming... such is life... such is MArio Burgos