Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jessica Garate is pushing the envelope.

I don't pretend to know what goes on in the KRQE newsroom.

But I suspect that reporters like Jessica Garate and the
Journal's Zsombor Peter, do not get to decide what to investigate and report upon.

That at some point, someone like Michelle Donaldson or Kent Walz says; you will not write about this story.

I expect that as journalists, and young journalists at that,
they still dream of breaking a Watergate.

So you know they want to write about the fact that the leadership of the APS refuses to answer any legitimate questions about ethics and accountability.

You know that either would love to be the one who covers the forensic audit "debate".

But they don't.

So either Michelle Donaldson, Kent Walz, or some one else has told them not to.

But back to Jessica Garate. In her report last night link *
she made reference to the fact that Tom Savage is retiring
for a reason.

She mentioned the scandal in the APS Police Department.
She mentioned the current ongoing problems in the
APS Finance Division, and the fact the Tom Savage oversaw
both divisions.

What she didn't say was that there are administrators and board members more senior than Tom Savage, who had as much, or more, responsibility for the public corruption and incompetence in those divisions.

She didn't mention the fact that

  • Paula Maes and her Modrall are making a killing off the complete lack of standards or accountability for senior public servants in the APS.
  • there is not a single senior administrator or board member who is honestly accountable as a role model for students and staff.
  • Winston Brooks is on record refusing to hold himself honestly accountable as a role model, and
  • refusing to cite even one meaningful standard of conduct or competence, to which he will be held honestly accountable.
  • Paula Maes stood on the record, and said, she will never allow a forensic audit of her stewardship of the public trust and treasure in the APS.
  • the entire school board is backing Maes by not insisting upon a full scale forensic audit of the entire leadership of the APS, including Maes and Modrall.
Neither will report to voter stakeholders, that although
board members have a clear obligation to their constituents
and to the public interest, they are doing nothing.

Neither will report that Bernalillo County Sheriff, and
Congressional Candidate, Darren White is deeply implicated
in the cover up of the public corruption and criminal
conspiracy in the APS Police Department.

Neither will report that the District Attorney,
Kari Brandenburg,
who is also running for election,
has been accused of covering up of the Peanut Butter Gate
scandal, as well.

Something is holding Jessica and Zsombor back.

And I don't think it is their unwillingness
to investigate and report upon ethics and accountability
in the leadership of the APS.

Oh, and,

Jessica reported that Winston Brooks thanked Tom Savage
for his 27 years of service, and then added,
"he had heard nothing but great things
about Tom's leadership."
wow, and

how disturbing is that? and

I guess he's not reading this blog.

* curiously, the powers that be at KRQE have provided no link.

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Anonymous said...

Is there an "Altzheimers clause" in Winston's contract?
Sometimes he sounds like a nut!
--An APS instructor