Monday, May 26, 2008

Meyners + Co will fix most of the problems in the APS Financial Division

It isn't rocket science.

The leadership of the APS needs;

  • written, and financially sound policies and procedures
  • they need to follow those polices and procedures
  • and they need to start keeping records of the spending of a billion tax dollars a year.
The problem is that Meyners + Co, is going to be paid
a great deal of money to accomplish that end
without naming a single administrator

who is responsible for the fact that there are not currently,
  • written, financially sound policies and procedures, and that
  • the policies and procedures they have, have not been followed, and that
  • they have not been keeping adequate records.

Meyners + Co. will do their work without identifying
a single administrator or board member who has
benefited criminally from their failure to protect public
resources from graft and corruption.

That is why we still need a full scale forensic audit;

to make sure that those who stole or wasted our money,
are not allowed to simply except themselves from the
consequences of their corruption and their incompetence.

Allowing Tom Savage to simply retire
just doesn't get it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In a time, and a district, where $$ is in short supply, shouldn't we eliminate the positions in the APS-machine that Meyers will be performing?
That's like paying 2 expensive people to do a job that takes one person (and the first goofed it up!).
Let's not be paying twice to get something done right!
Hear that Winston???