Wednesday, May 14, 2008

APS Board Members owe their constituents the truth.

Having had more than enough time to think about the issues;
it is time for board members to be candid, forthright, and
honest with their constituents.

  1. Do you intend to commission a full scale forensic
    audit of the entire leadership of the APS;
    including board members and the Modrall,

    or not? ??

  2. Do you intend to be held honestly accountable
    as role models of the student standard of conduct,
    for the few hours a day of your public service,

    or not? ??

Any answer except yes, to either question, means no.

Stonewalling means no,

"I am a coward."

It is past time for Thomas J Lang, Kent Walz,
Mary Lynn Roper, Rhonda Aubrey or Michelle Donaldson

to have one of their "investigative" reporters ask the
questions, and then report upon the answers.

Voters have a stakeholder interest, and the media has
an obligation to recognize that interest, and do the right thing.

End the cover up.

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