Saturday, May 17, 2008

The chief qualifications for a Chief Operating Officer

One should assume that, for Brad Winter to be promoted
APS Chief Operating Officer; he met some qualifications

According to the
Council of the Great City Schools Audit,
those qualifications would have been
subjective, and
unrelated to his promotion.

I suggest that those qualifications are two;

  1. Brad Winter is willing to steadfastly refuse to have a town hall meeting, where he will sit and respond candidly, forthrightly, and honestly to legitimate questions from stakeholders, and further
  2. Brad Winter is willing to do everything he can
    to prevent a full scale forensic audit of the non-instructional side of the APS.
Those are the standards of conduct and competence that
Winston Brooks requires in a Chief Operating Officer.

I would suggest that
Brad Winter disqualified himself for
promotion when he sat at a table with other senior
administrators and board members

and decided to save some money by
ending fire safety
inspections in schools.

And then decided to spend the money they saved
a board room they still cannot justify.

Were that not enough to disqualify
Mr. Winter,
I would suggest that the fact that his steadfast
to offer a candid, forthright, and honest accounting
of the tax dollars spent at
6400 Uptown Blvd,

Brad Winter had guilty knowledge of the corruption and
incompetence in the leadership of the APS
(Police Department and Financial Division)
did not blow the whistle.

And now
he is promoted.

Gina Hickman had guilty knowledge of the corruption and
incompetence in the
APS Financial Division,
and did not blow the whistle.

She is now the
APS Chief Financial Officer;
and in a perfect position to continue to hide the evidence of
corruption and incompetence in the
APS Finance Division.

Michael Kimbrell had guilty knowledge of the irregularities
and did not blow the whistle.

He now is their
APS Internal Audit Director.

If you were
Paula Maes and Modrall,
and your interest was in covering up evidence
of corruption and incompetence,

who would you put in charge of it,
except those who are as damned by that evidence
as are you?

Meyners Audit was commissioned by the very people
whose incompetence and corruption has been identified,
and is
still secret from stakeholders.

Meyners reports to them, not to the public interest.

Under the conditions identified by the audit,
it is
ridiculous to assume that no money has been wasted

It was
there for the taking.


And if
Meyners found evidence of criminal misconduct,
what have they done with it?

Did they put it in the hands of the criminals and
their lawyers?

Paula Maes and
Modrall make millions off the APS.

She says there is
no way that she and Modrall will be

The media won't touch her.

All of which is
OK with State Auditor Hector Balderas.

All of which begs the question;
wtf ? ??

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Anonymous said...

You got that right Ched! Well said, and once again, thanks for saying it!