Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If the FBI cannot trust Darren White, why should we?

The integrity of NM1 Candidate Joe Carraro
stands in stark contrast to candidate Darren White's
lack thereof.

There is the question of the propriety of Joe Carraro's
involvement it the artificial turf business.

Carraro's response was to lay the entire record on the table.

The lack of evidence that Carraro did anything wrong,
is compensated for by Darren White blind followers like
Mario Burgos who is writes that;
Joe Carraro is probably corrupt because he created a
paper trail.

"It sure would seem to that Senator Joe Cararro
took great pains to leave a paper trail that would give
the appearance that everything was on the up and up."

Burgos, and other White supporters, are willing to give
Darren White a bye on the issue of allegations of felony
public corruption involving the secure NCIC data base
entrusted to Darren White's supervision by the FBI,.

A trust he then violated.

White has a record of covering up the scandal.

The Attorney General's Office found that Darren White,
personally, had broken the law, the NMIPRA,
in his effort to suppress the truth.

Darren White is doing every thing he can to suppress
the paper trail; to keep voter stakeholders in the dark.

Two candidates;
  • one doing everything he can to lay the issues on the table, and
  • the other who is doing everything he can to hide evidence.

And we are supposed to
  • trust the candidate who is hiding the truth, and
  • mistrust the candidate who is telling too much of the truth?

Did I miss the change in venue of this election from
New Mexico to the planet Crack?

Darren White
is a "politician" in the worst sense of the word.

He is incapable of candor, forthrightness, and honesty.

The FBI now knows that they cannot trust Darren White
with their NCIC data base because he let some APS senior
play with it in their effort to harass and
intimidate whistle blowers and do background checks on
their girlfriends.

If the FBI can't trust Darren White, why should we?

If this allegation were crap; Darren White would say so.
He is stonewalling because he has no other choice.
It is the only defense of an indefensible position.

If the truth comes out, he looses this election.

If the truth remains hidden, he wins a seat in congress.

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