Saturday, May 17, 2008

Brad Winter's promotion bodes well for his wife's lawfirm.

I doubt that we will ever know how many APS administrators are married to law firms that do business with the APS.

Paula Maes and Modrall of course, are setting the standard
for milking tax payers.

But Brad Winter's wife's law firm does business with the APS as well; a relationship that her law firm chose not to acknowledge in response to my inquiry.

Some would argue that what is wrong with the world,
is too many lawyers.

If there are that many,
why can't APS find one that isn't related to a senior
administrator or board member?

The built in conflict of interest, is a blatant violation of the board's code of "ethics" which prohibits creating even the impression of a conflict of interest.

The rules are for fools;
free for all at 6400 Uptown Blvd;

get while the gettin' is good.

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Joseph Lopez said...

Unless the DA and the cops surprise me with some kind of blitzkreig of arrests and prosecutions on corrupt APS officials, then I think we can do a lot worse than Brad.

He understands the system from a LT level and up - he has been a degreed professional since he started. He thinks of the way things are as the only way they can be, if he wants to keep rising and prospering in that system.

I really, honestly, liked the man when I saw him coming up as a Highland High employee. I have not spoken with him but in passing recently, but he took my phone call and heard me out at least.

He seems a reasonable man, but it is hard to be both a success, waiting for that 25 years to hit so you can safely retire and your wife and kids will have a place to BE if anything happens to you, and a major player in changing that system. We have seen the mighty fall and the unethical take their place from sheer lack of competition.

I hope Brad is just a good guy trying to make an honest buck who will try his best to lift the veil from his own eyes, but he is INSIDE the system, and he can't see the big evil watch for the gentle gears that are grinding out a hollow for his kin.

If the big machine has never screwed you over, you don't see it as evil or in need of change. You may see some individual things that you think are anomalies, but you blind yourself to the fact that for every anomaly you see, there are twenty more of the same that no teacher or staff member ever catch. Some horror of inequity bourne by a kid, alone, and wondering why the world isn't the way the teachers SAID.