Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sam Bregman can make money no matter what.

There is an article in the Journal this morning. Sam Bregman is representing Erica Ruiz's husband in a lawsuit against KRQE.

It is alleged that KRQE invaded the privacy of Ruiz's then fiancee.

Bregman is also representing Gil Lovato, who is accused,
among other things, of felony criminal invasion of the
privacy of APS whistle blowers.

Ironically, KRQE is part of the cover up of the criminal abuse
of Darren White's NCIC data base, by APS senior administrators.

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg is doing her part in
the cover up by sitting on the evidence,
for more than a year now.

No one's getting fat, 'cept the lawyers.

No one's gettin' screwed, 'cept the people who privacy gets
criminally invaded.

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