Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monica Armenta can't spin the facts

Winston Brooks will not engage in a candid, forthright, and
honest discussion of

  • administrative role modeling, or of
  • administrative ethics and accountability, or of
  • an immediate full scale forensic audit.
because he has no intention of;
  • being honestly accountable as a role model, or of
  • participating in an honest discussion of administrative ethics and accountability, or of
  • conducting an immediate forensic audit.
Monica Armenta can't spin the truth,
because the truth is worse than the deception,
and there just isn't any way to spin it any differently.

If anyone could, she could.

Isn't that why they're are paying her $400 a day to be the
APS Executive Director of Communications?


Her only hope is to keep it secret from stakeholders;

an interest that is shared by Paula Maes' and Armenta's
buddies in the media;

Thomas J Lang, Kent Walz, Mary Lynn Roper,
Michelle Donaldson, and Rhonda Aubrey.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I guess Winston will have to keep Monica as his "frontman" if he doesn't want to interact w/ the public.
Another useless public servant I would guess.