Friday, May 16, 2008

A tough row to hoe

My overall interest is in ending public corruption.

I believe that that can be done by institutionalizing meaningful standards of conduct and competence for public servants,

and then enforcing those standards in a manner which cannot be manipulated by powerful people hiding their misconduct.

I am starting with the leadership of the APS, because they are the Achilles heel of public corruption. However hard it is to clean up APS, it would be exponentially more difficult to clean up city government, county government, state, or national.

You have to start somewhere.

All of which irks Frank Garcia; a Darren White toady.
His post on Mario Burgos' blog;

Ched, let it go. You harp on the same old things and all that happens is nothing.

APS is wrong, Modrall is wrong, Meyers is wrong. Marty, the school board member is wrong. Darren is hiding something. Scrathy the cat is wrong. Blah, blah, blah.

Have you ever thought that no one cares what you have to say because you put them down all the time. The conspiracy you call aps is not that at all. It is a large public institution that is too large and too bureaucratic. But, there are a great number of teachers and administrators that care for the kids and provide a great environment to learn. Write about that...........

A forensic audit, what the hell is that. All it would provide is another opportunity for people like you to bitch.

In answer to toady Frank's question;
A forensic audit is an audit whose purpose is to uncover crimes and the criminals who perpetrated them. It would also reveal the flaws in the system that allowed the criminal misconduct to take place, and remain unexposed for as long as they have.

As an example, the Meyners Audit revealed that the APS Finance Department does not have adequate or financially sound policies or procedures, does not enforce the rules they have, and doesn't keep adequate books.

Those are practices which enable people to steal money.

There is no reason for lax standards and the abject
lack of enforcement and accountability,
except to facilitate corruption.

Millions of tax dollars a year would be saved.

A prospect that even toady Frank should be able to
understand and appreciate.

Frank has been copied this post
and offered the opportunity to respond.


Anonymous said...

Tell the Toady he can #@%%@ himself.
I work in this APS system for many years!
Ched has done more for us and the kids and the parents then you or your creep boss ever will!
APS is $%&&^$ up to the max, criminally, and I didn;t need Ched to tell me that. But us "little guys" are kept in our place. If we report, we get fired in one manner or another.
Toady, it shows your blatant ignorance and contempt for all us "little people" out here.
We care what Ched does, we apprecite it.
So why don't you shut your @#$#% mouth-ass and serve the people at least a fraction that Ched does (voluntarily I might add)?
You are 1 out of touch Toady!

Anonymous said...