Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We have a statutory right to know the truth about public servants and their public service.

We have a statutory right to inspect and/or copy the records of their conduct and competence as public servants and within their public service.

Some parts of those records need to be redacted.
For good and ethical reasons.

There are many degrees of redaction.

According to the standard set for students in the APS;
one's character depends on redacting less than the law allows, and none that the law does not require.

Darren White's redaction of the truth about the felony criminal abuse of his office, is complete.
He has blacked out every word but two; no comment.

Were Darren White a role model of the standard of conduct of 100,000 student constituents, he would do more than the law requires, and all that the law allows.

Darren White is a crappy role model of a standard of conduct
that requires a candid, forthright and honest response
to questions about APS' Peanut Butter Gate scandal and his
personal involvement.

When you ask your congressman to tell you the truth;
would you rather the "legally" redacted truth, or
an ethically redacted truth?

Darren White offers no more than the legally redacted truth;
redaction of as much truth as he can get away with without
actually breaking the law.

Darren White could choose to hold him self accountable to
a higher standard of conduct. He chooses to hold him self
accountable only to the law.

And the law is the lowest possible standard of conduct.

Darren White will not be honest.

He is not the kind of man that you want to elect
to congress.

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