Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Former APS Principal/Superintendent Indicted, Finally

It has been more than four years since the whistle was
blown on the shenanigans at APS' Charter Vocational High

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg has finally taken the
evidence to a grand jury; which in short order, handed down
a number of felony indictments against the former Principal
and Superintendent, Danny Moon.

Brandenburg offered no explanation for the unfortunate
delay; unfortunate for taxpayers who know that the longer
a case is delayed, the less likely that anyone will ever be
convicted; memories fade, witnesses move away or die,
records get "misplaced" or "accidentally shredded".

This is not the case about which I have been writing;
a case where Brandenburg has been sitting on evidence
of felony criminal abuse of the NCIC data based assigned
to the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office, and Sheriff
Darren White
by senior APS administrators.

The case are tangentially related; one of the victims of the
criminal invasion of privacy, was the gentleman who blew
the whistle on the misconduct at the charter high school.

The invasion of his privacy was apparently part of an effort
to harass and retaliate against Joseph H Lopez, who was
afforded the supposed protection afforded whistle blowers.

The retaliation against Lopez included a near fatal beating
by students who were then given preferential treatment
by Moon at the high school, according to Lopez.

I know Joseph Lopez, and I know Danny Moon.

Danny Moon would imho, benefit greatly from a few years
in prison, there to contemplate on the matter of the
gaping asshole his parents raised.

Joseph Lopez would benefit greatly from the truth being
laid on the table, even after these many years.

But that is unlikely as District Attorney Kari Brandenburg
appears to be solidly supporting the efforts of the leadership
of the APS to the effort to keep the whole scandal secret
from public knowledge, at least until the evidence disappears,
all of the witnesses move away or die, and

after Darren White manages to get himself "appointed"
to congress.

It is uncertain how long Brandenburg can sit on the evidence
of the felony criminal abuse of Darren White's NCIC data
base; but if the case of the felony fraud at APS' Charter
Vocational High School
is any indicator;

Brandenburg may take the evidence to the grand jury in
February 2011; a delay which neither she nor anyone
else can justify by any good and ethical reasoning.

The indictments were announced on KRQE TV.

Michelle Donaldson's news division did not archive the
report so I cannot provide a link to readers. The local
news archiving service did not reply to my request for
information on how I might retrieve a copy from them.

cc upon posting; Michelle Donaldson, Kari Brandenburg


Joseph Lopez said...

Maybe they don't want to taint the juror pool, Moon will argue he can't get a fair trial then. But if just a few thousand people at the MOST saw it on your blog, and WAY less on mine, and a few folks who were tuned in that one night, then they will find some impartial jurors for sure.

Once they are sequestered, then maybe the DA will allow some in-depth interviews, but that is risky in case of a mis-trial. So best, for the interests of the case if not from the viewpoint of public information, to keep everyone uninformed so there is no jury bias?

I am just trying to figure it out too, I have no idea for sure. I looked for the clip of Moon getting indicted as well, but couldn't find it, I would have linked to it already. He has lots of ill-gotten APS cash, so he may have laid a legal injunction on the press, or the DA could be holding her cards right up against her chest, I dunno.

Third possibility? The News people who we have been bugging the SHIT out of about how unethical and cowardly they are didn't run it because it would show how right tin-foil cap wearing bloggers are when the real media can be such witless lapdogs.

I got more theories, but they all involve LOTS of cusswords...

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for everyone involved. Especially, Danny Moon, Brendan Mulvaney and JR Black, (former totally enabled students) but honestly in a good way, happy for both Mr. Lopez and you Ched. You guys will prevail. Now for Lovato and Peanut Butter Gate!

Anonymous said...

What exactly are the charges against Moon? Can you tell us, or provide a link?
Moon was before some of our time, so we're not really sure what the deal was.

ched macquigg said...

I cannot find a case look up for grand jury indictments.

I am afraid that I have no idea what the charges are.

KRQE has them, but I doubt they would give them to me, I'll give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

This is for the comment portion written by "Ched" - you wrote:

"The retaliation against Lopez included a near fatal beating
by students who were then given preferential treatment
by Moon at the high school, according to Lopez."

You have GOT to be kidding me! I will say this - I dont know all the details of what Danny Moon allegedly did, but what I AM familiar with is the details surrounding this "near fatal beating" of Joe. I have worked at the school since nearly its inception - before Joe was hired and am STILL working there. I was THERE the day Joe got hit - in fact, I was the second person out there to help break up the incident. I have known Danny since 1985 and have known Joe for longer than you have likely - ever since he was with APS security.

If you really want an accurate account - PM me sometime - but here is a summary - Joe got sucker punched by a kid when he tried to yank a student out of a pickup truck that did not belong on campus. Simple case of warning a kid prior (which in all fairness, Joe did on multiple occasions) who came back on campus to pick up one of our students. When he came back and would not heed Joes request to exit the vehicle he tried to pull h him out and the students buddy sucker punched him and joe took him down (and quite well I might add!). The fight call went out on the radio and when I got out there - the Vice Principal was already there. The KID WAS HANDCUFFED ON THE GROUND, BLEEDING AND JOE WAS STILL trying to hit him while the vice principal was trying to get the cuffs off and stand the kid up. Joe was pissed as hell, but FAR from being "near fatally" hurt. TRUST ME - the kid was in FAR worse shape that Joe was - by a longshot. Again - I was there and saw all the injuries. Joe had cuts and bruises from being hit, but was cursing and trotting around just fine. I even took pictures of Joes injuries for record. I spoke to Joe at work on several occasions during the days and weeks after the incident and, though he was angry, he was in perfect health other than some scrapes.

While we are all choosing to be honest - why dont you ask Joe about his own little "incident" of showing up at the school later that year with a loaded handgun making threats. What Joe likely did NOT know is that I (as well as 2 other teachers) were THERE at that time as well!!!! The school was locked down when Joe decided to bring a handgun and brandish it on-campus. Police were called and he was arrested for that. Look it up yourself: (http://www.metrocourt.state.nm.us) - look up Lopez Joseph H. Felony charged with assault and battery on a school employee.

Again - I dont know of or care to try and convince anyone of any right or wrong doing with respect to Mr. Moon - that is for a court to decide and he, just like anyone else in this country of ours, is afforded the right to have his day in court. I just don't like when I see people take advantage of a situation and alter the details from what actually happened - whether the cause be emotional or financial. I also dislike it when people who WERE NOT EVEN THERE make statements as if they were fact. I saw the aftermath just moments after he was hit and also saw the behaviors both prior to and after the incident and, frankly Joe (though I did consider you a friend at the time) you should be ashamed of yourself. You know damn well that the fight incident preceded ANY allegations of misconduct on Mr. Moons part and had nothing to do with any "retaliation" for blowing the whistle. It was a simple fight where you got sucker punched by a kid and it pissed you off when the kid wasnt immediately expelled. Pathetic...

ched macquigg said...

I am quite frankly taken aback by this comment.

I am not sure what to make of it; it stands in stark contrast to my understanding of the situation.

I have reread my own post, and I don't know that I need to retract anything. I think that I have made it clear that I was reporting what I had been told by someone I trusted, and still do, pending more research on my part.

My readers can rest assured that I will keep them appraised of developments, as I become aware of them, and will relay them to readers honestly; on my honor.

I do know Danny Moon, and I good have reason not to trust him.

I have no idea who wrote the comment. Although we must have met as we were both employed at the CVHS before the incident in question. I have been offered the opportunity to exchange PM's with this individual, though that is impossible unless they are willing to email me. An email contact is available in my profile.

I would like to assure whomever it is, that they can communicate with me off the record, until we reach a mutual agreement to do otherwise.

I will make Joseph aware of this comment; should he care to comment upon it.

Joseph Lopez said...

Josh? You have many of the facts correct, but you were not there for the first two incidents happened, the one when Brenden threatened to kill me (see APD MDT logs, posted on my blog), the time he hit me with his truck earlier in the day (also see APD Mdt records).

I do have a head injury, so if you have information on this that I don't, I would be really glad if you called ADA Robin Hammer and gave her everything you have, Mr. Stuyvesant. She can be reached at 841-7210.

Look at the surviellance tape if you don't believe me.

Josh, I will show you the medical records, it takes a while for a brain to swell up like mine did. Look at the photo you took, my left eye - does it look cut to you? You are a computer expert, former engineer for Intel, download it and look at it closely.

You were there when Danny ENROLLED Mulvaney after he "sucker punched" me. How do you explain that Josh?

You must know at least as many koans as I do, with your martial arts history: What is the sound of Brenden enrolling at ACVHS after he beat up the security guard who reported hem to the APS Police? Its the sound of Racketeering, Josh.

Do you remember the letter I wrote to the DA asking for truancy citations WELL BEFORE I got attacked at school? No, because you were busy teaching. So, look at my blog carefully, Mr. Stuyvesant, and you may change your mind.

I still consider you a friend, but you have some facts wrong, buddy, email me and we will get it all cleared up. Tell Joe and Jake I said hi.

Joseph Lopez said...

Josh, get teh FACTS straight! The gun was in the console of my vehicle, I brandished no gun except to my own head in my own car across the street and off school grounds, Danny was almost perfect in setting me up so I wouldn't tell anyone else about why I thought truancy citations were necessary. (I can see now, but didn't have enough evidence at that point).

And financial gain? Dude, I would have gotten a lawyer and sued them if I didn't want to see some real change. They just pay you off and tell you not to report to police if you settle, this way the truth can be known by all.

Any money I get is just from disability, and I am trying to get APS to give me all the documents I need to show I was innocent. I have the doctor's notes and MRI and whatever else anyone needs - they don't give worker's comp, social security and educational disability to fakers, bro. And beleive me, it is about half of what you got at Intel, half of what I made at Jeffco Schools in Colorado running security.

I hope you are well Josh, lift the veil from your eyes.

Joshua said...

Ched - I was employed there the 2nd year the school was opened and have been there ever since. I dont remember you unless you only worked there the very first year. I honestly dont know you.

I will send you my email separately so we may converse "off the record".

Joe - I still consider you my friend as well, but the bottom line is my recollection of the incident (the fight and the gun incident) is far different from yours. Period.

Again - I dont have information regarding the allegations against Danny or the alleged conspiracy theory that is being presented - my information is based on what I saw.

As for Mulvaney - yeah - thats and example of a "bad apple". You were not the only person that has been threatened by some pissed off teenager. Hell - Mulvaney regularly threatened anyone that looked at him sideways - and not for some conspiracy or payoff.

As for Danny enrolling him - I never claimed he didnt. I remember when Mulvaney was not thrown out and yes, I was shocked about it as well. Mulvaney even "mouthed off" to me once, until I got about an inch from his face and asked him to say it again - he chose not to reply. To me he was just a punk - but you know what? Since your time I have seen FAR worse kids who were FAR more violent STILL make a change when a teacher made a connection. I am not saying Mulvaney could have been one - I'm just saying that there are plenty of examples of kids who are similar to him that did not become a stat. in the courts because they were given 2nd chances (and maybe 3rd and 4th! :) )

Yes - I was very busy teaching, as well as handling the IT needs of the entire school (which I still do) so I admit I was not aware of any "letter" you wrote. I do apologize for that. I am, however - aware of MUCH more than you likely realize.

As for the other incident - you were charged - CR860804 is the case number. Its a FELONY. Assault and Battery. Using YOUR own logic that they do not "pay fakers for disability, workers comp. etc..." well, they do not charge innocent people either then I guess? (insert sarcasm here)

Your sentence (from public records at the Bernalillo Metro Court Webpage):
Keep in Contact with Atty
No Alcohol
New Bond Cash/Surety 7500.0
No Contact w/ Victim/Witnesses
No Liquor Establishments
No Weapons
No Violations of Law
Obey All Laws

There were several witnesses to your antics at the school, including the husband of one of the teachers who happens to be with BCSO and was off-duty at the time.

Also - what did you think would happen when you pulled the gun out in view of school employees? As gun enthusiasts you and I both know there is only ONE reason to draw a weapon. I have to be honest - I lost some respect and sympathy for you after that incident.

Now - I am not so naive to think that innocent people do not get accused / arrested, etc... They do. I am ALSO not so naive, and neither should YOU be to think that "fakers" never get workers comp, disability, etc.. It happens all the time.

As I already stated, Danny will get his day in court and I have faith that the truth will come out, one way or another. My post here was to shed some light on what, in my opinion, was an incident that was completely blown out of proportion and misrepresented. Not that he didnt deserve it, but you beat the ever-loving crap out of that kid that day (likely due to your training). I saw it. Kelley saw it, the APD units that responded saw it (and commented on it). Hell - I even got chastised by one of the officers for taking pictures of YOUR injuries and not his (that was your request btw to take your pictures).

Bottom line - there will always be multiple sides of a story and somewhere in-between is usually the truth. No matter what Joe, I do sincerely hope that things work out for you and that whatever your motivation for all of this really is, that it is worth it in the end for you. Who knows, maybe when everything is "finalized" we can sit over a cup of coffee and discuss some classic martial arts movies.

BTW - Ched - did you, by chance, teach wood/construction the first year ACVHS was open? If so, then maybe I have "heard" of you.

Joshua said...

And I will say hello to my brothers for you.

Anonymous said...

Josh, thanks for posting I feel a lot better now.

No sarcasm - really. I am aghast that anyone thinks that I am faking or whatever, I have been TRYING to get a job with APS Police and APS Risk, but they will not hire me. Call Bill Reed or Jim Dorn or Brad Winter - they are SICK of me begging for a job. Hell, ask Ms. Hunnemuller and the ACVHS/Data attorney - I asked them for a job too.

I really am not trying to benefit financially, I am worse off now than in 2004. As to how close I was to suicide, and Duncan being there, yeah I read the report too, saw him crouching across the street while the cops came. I know all the people who wrote very selective statements, not mentioning any of my comments about Danny being a thief.

And Mulvaney - he was not a student on 02/23/04 the day he tried to run me over and the day he and jon and nicolas and adrian messed with me twice. But by the end of the day, no lottery process, he was enrolled? He was a Valley student who was ditching, look at the police reports.

So, Breneden was then enrolled AFTER he threatend to kill a staff member (ask Kelly), then hit me with his car, then brought three buddies to hurt me. Whetever the motivation of Moon was in this, doesn't it seem ODD that he would be enrolled after beating me up?

Sure, he got his from both Bruce and me, and you guys took your sweet time getting there, but THANKS for the backup even if it came late, and thanks for taking the picture. I took one of Brenden all bloody and with his earings missing, and gave it to the cops, don't worry, if you want it I can forward it to you. I am not trying to hide anything, I would kick his ass again given the same circumstances.

Do you know if there is any truth to the rumor that the surveilance tape shows a student helping me before you and Bruce got there? One kid told me the four of them were kicking me while I was down, and some student saved my ass from getting killed, right before Bruce and you got there. The tape was seen by Bruce, but when Danny got there I don't know what happened to it, APS or NMPSIA won't release it to me, the VICTIM of a crime that is depicted on the tape! I think the tape would clear lots of things up.

You are right, Josh, it is best for people with no hate for Moon to decide if he is guilty or not, I am already convinced from the paperwork I saw, the evidence I collected and submitted to the DA,the way he treated me, and now the indictments. Good that I am not deciding his fate, yes. Let cooler heads with more education in litigation and jurisprudence prevail.

I read a lot of sci-fi and came to a realization - is my mind trying to consolidate two bad things that happened into one hard drive, conserve space? If I put a false thread between Danny and Brenden threatening me, the vehicle assault, and the incident that disabled me, then the DA and Moon's lawyers will sever it for the public to see, just like the weak case that Moon tried to throw on me. I see your point - just because Moon was indicted does not mean he will be convicted.

I told Danny he was a syphallitic dripping cunt who steals money from children in May 2004. I was trained to find evidence of crimes in schools, and had found evidence that he stole lots of cash. I had a head injury when i yelled at him though. I am sorry if I scared anyone, even Danny. He must have been scared of me since he got a restraining order on me! That has since expired, and as you know I have been back to the school on several occassions with no further incidents that lack decorum.

ched -thanks for letting me try to keep a friend on your blog, I had no idea my reputation was in such danger, I thought everyone was avoiding me because of the head injury.

Joshua said...

Joe I do hope you are well. I wasn't planning on responding to this blog/thread (and will NOT respond any further after this since everything that needs to be said has been said), however I did want to clarify one final point that really doesn't seem like a big deal (though it is to me). Its really not even related to the details of this....

You stated:

"...and you guys took your sweet time getting there, but THANKS for the backup even if it came late,.."

I just want you to know that despite any of our discussions that you know darn well I would NEVER intentionally "take my sweet time" when I feel someone is in trouble - especially a friend! I was in the teachers lounge when I heard the call out on KELLEY's radio for help that day. I immediately ran out there - nearly knocking Kelley over in fact - when I heard it. It took me literally about 20 seconds to sprint from the lounge to the parking lot where I saw the incident. I came as fast as I possibly could - just sheer luck that Kelley was in the lounge at the time. Remember - the teachers didn't have radios then (including myself).

Take care Joe.