Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Meyners + Co Auditors

do not work for the public; they do not work for stakeholders.

They work for the same APS leadership whose corruption and
incompetence they are, or should be, exposing.

They work for the same people who will pay them to fix the problems without exposing the corrupt and the incompetent who created them.

And they still have not answered the question;
what are they required to do, and what did they do,
with evidence of criminal misconduct by administrators?

Has it been surrendered to APS Modrall for safe keeping?

Is District Attorney Brandenburg going to look at it?
(until the statute of limitations expires
and the good ol' boys escape accountability for ever)

Brandenburg is still sitting on the evidence from Peanut Butter Gate; almost a year and a half after it made the front page.

Still nothing from State Auditor Hector Balderas.

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Anonymous said...

I would imagine the Meyners Audit, bought with taxpayers money, is therefore owned by the tax payers, no matter who ordered it.
If the city buys a parkbench, we all have the right to sit on it.
If the school buys a classroom computer, every student in that room has a right to use it.
If APS buys 29 pages of paper, then we have the right to see them.
--an APS instructor