Monday, May 12, 2008

NM 1 Congressional candidate; Darren White, linked to felony cover up.

Politicians agree that if you have a problem,
you should get it on the record asap.

Otherwise, not only do you have to explain the misconduct,
you have to explain the cover up as well.

Covering up misconduct is always worse than the misconduct itself, which can often be explained away by a moment of weakness or carelessness.

Covering up is an ongoing choice to be dishonest.

Bernalillo County Sheriff, Darren White, has had more than a year to be honest with stakeholders concerning the felony criminal misuse of an NCIC data base under his oversight; on his watch.

He is yet to offer a candid, forthright, and honest explanation, defense, or even acknowledgment of the allegation that senior members of the leadership of the Albuquerque Public Schools used his data base to harass and intimidate whistle blowers.

The local District Attorney, Kari Brandenburg has been charged with determining whether or not the evidence supports the filing of criminal charges. She has had that charge for more than a year, without resolution.

She too, has been implicated in the cover up of the public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the leadership of the Albuquerque Public Schools (Police Department).

She too, refuses to offer any manner of candid, forthright, and honest explanation of her failure to act on the evidence in her possession.

Why are public servants allowed "no comment" in response to legitimate questions about their public service?

The legitimate question is;

What did Darren White have to do with the felony criminal misuse of the sophisticated and supposedly "secure" data base that was entrusted to him by the FBI?

White's response so far is, no comment.

At Diogenes' six, I have consistently argued that stonewalling is unethical, and it is dishonest. It is a coward's way of "pleading the fifth."

And if Darren White had any explanation at all, to offer to voters, he should have done so, long, long, ago. Because now, not only does he owe voter stakeholders an honest explanation of his part in the scandal, but also an honest explanation, defense, or even acknowledgment of his part in the cover up.

(this is a copy of an article that I posted on Now Public.)

It is a story that will not be investigated and reported upon by Darren's buddies at the Journal; who are happily endorsing a manifestly dishonest politician,
to represent their interests in the United States Congress.

I sent a link to this post to Darren White personally
at 9;50 am giving him the opportunity to respond,
rebut, or refute.

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Anonymous said...

This happens on other countries too, like MExico.
I guess there's an International Shyster Convention that APS and others go to every year where they drink, gamble and laugh about cheating the buffoon taxpayers and lining their own pockets.
PErhaps the meeting in Mexico is "Pasaje de Dioses de Montana*" (Spanish for "HAll of the Mountain Gods")
Seriously, this cheating of the public is becoming more common!
Let' stop it here!