Friday, September 05, 2008

Winston Brooks' email address

From APS' "School Matters" August 2008.
"A message from the Superintendent." (impossible to link)

Winston Brooks has published an email address at which
he promises attention to problems brought to his attention.

I understand that there are problems associated with publishing
actual email addresses on the internet. Apparently there are
programs which search for email addresses and then begin
spamming them. Therefore I have replace the "@" symbol
with the word "at". Should you care to correspond with APS
Superintendent Brooks; you will have to make that change in
addressing your email.

Straight from the horse's mouth then;

I welcome your input, too. Drop me a line at
superintendent"at" and let me know
how I can help. Thank you, and I look
forward to working with you.

I will test the water for you by forwarding a link
to the following post detailing Rigo Chavez' misconduct.

And I will of course, let you know if the request
receives any attention beyond being ignored.

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