Friday, September 05, 2008

APS' RIgo Chavez, Records Custodian/mental health expert

I have a number of public records requests filed with the APS.

I have asked that a recognized personal disability be
accommodated in the exercise of my right to inspect and/or
copy those records.

If Rigo Chavez accommodated my request, it would save the
District many man hours, and would save taxpayers money.
There is no downside for the district.

Instead, Rigo Chavez admits that he ignored as many as four
requests for accommodation based on his personal opinion of
the validity of my disability.

He told me, "... if you can show up at board meetings,
you must not be disabled."

Even if showing up a board meetings, which are public,
recorded on video tape, and witnessed by many impartial
individuals, were the equivalent of sitting alone in some
administrative space for hours on end, which they are not,

refusing to accommodate my disability serves only one purpose,
to make it more difficult for me to exercise a statutorily
protected right.

Again, the accommodation of my disability would actually
make it easier for the District, and less expensive for

Even if Rigo Chavez' argument carried any weight,
is ignoring the request, rather that responding to it,
the manner in which he should be conducting himself as
a public servant?

There is no excuse for Rigo Chavez' behavior; it is shameful.

It reflects badly on the district at a time when people like
Winston Brooks are trying to convince stakeholders that they
are interested in "communication" and service to their

cc Rigo Chavez, Winston Brooks upon posting.

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