Friday, September 19, 2008

APS bus rides; one thousand dollars each

According to the Journal, link sub req.

"Brooks said he has been asked how much the bus tours are costing APS. He said the money comes from his and the school board's budgets. Miller said the tours cost approximately $1,000 each."

Frankly I don't believe it. I would bet there is more than a thousand dollars worth of suits there, not to mention the public relations tree slayer of a folder full of everything, and food, and a bus, and a bus driver, and, ...

I don't believe they are doing this for $1K each.

What bugged me about the bus tour in district 4 was that it
appeared that the buses don't stop at a certain kind of school.
Some schools get a drive by when the leadership of the APS
is out looking for things to do.

Again according to an article in the Journal link sub req
"Louis Tafoya, president of the West Mesa Neighborhood Association, complained to Brooks of gangs and unruly students in middle schools. He told Brooks both principals and district officials should spend more time out of the office observing school halls and classrooms"
The leadership of the APS doesn't get off the bus at the schools
where they each should be doing some regular substitute teaching.

Winston Brooks
will not stand up and answer any questions
about "gangs and unruly students in middle schools".
He won't stand up and answer questions about gangs and
unruly students in high schools either.

In fact, he will not stand up to legitimate questions at all.

He does look good in a bus though. You can see him drive by,
smiling and waving to the gangbangers that run those schools.

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