Monday, September 08, 2008

Are the APS top heavy?

If you ask the leadership of the APS if it is top heavy,
if it employs more administrators and staff than it really needs,

they will tell you that, the administration of the APS is
statistically similar, or better than, the other statistically
similar districts to which they are statistically similar.

But what if Tucson, and the other statistically similar
school districts, are also top heavy.?

Is there any good reason not to suppose that
all school districts are top heavy?

The only way the you will determine if the APS is top heavy,
is to do an audit of the business model.

Surely there are "experts" who can come into an enterprise
such as a school district, and look for sound business practices;
adequate standards of conduct and competence, and
actual accountability to those standards.

And then they would report back to the public record.

Winston Brooks would have you believe that he has the
skill set and the determination to do such an audit on his own

Winston Brooks would argue that he, himself, can do what
any impartial auditor could do.

We will give Winston Brooks the benefit of the doubt.
We will assume that he has the skill set and the determination
to do an accountability audit on the administration of the
public trust and treasure, by the leadership of the APS.

The only difference then, between an honest impartial audit
of the administration of the APS, and Winston Brooks' audit
of the the administration of the APS,

will be that the results of Winston Brooks' audit will remain secret;

even in violation of the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.

Their exception to the law will be litigated at taxpayer expense,
at great tax payer expense, by the lawyers from the school
board head honcho, Paula Maes' husband's law firm, the Modrall.

cc. superintendent(at) upon posting.

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