Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gordy Rowe wasn't going to let me speak

I went to the Policy Committee meeting this morning at 7:30.
On the agenda; discussion and action on the two new codes of
conduct for APS athletic events.

Gordy Rowe was about to take the vote on whether or not to
pass the new codes.

I rose to inquire about my opportunity to speak.
I pointed out that the agenda included a public forum.

Gordy Rowe asked me if I had signed up to speak.

I pointed out that no opportunity had been provided for
me to sign "up". There was a sign "in" list, but no sign "up" list.

Then he wanted to know what I intended to talk about;
whether I wanted to talk about the codes of conduct, or
if I wanted to talk about something else.

Satisfied that I would talk only about the codes, he relented
and let me speak.

Then he told me that I had one and half minutes, 30 seconds
less than is normally provided to speakers at a public forum.

When I demanded to know why I was not being allowed the
full two minutes, he relented on that issue as well.

I began by pointing out specific problems in the two new codes.

I pointed out that in the codes, students and spectators
are "required" to praise opposing team members.

I pointed out that this law in particular was not going to be
enforced, and that there is a problem in general
with writing laws you have no intention of enforcing.

The permission of prohibited behavior is central to most of
the remediable problems in public schools.

I pointed out that the new policies offered no improvement
not even in its smallest measure, over the existing standards
of conduct, the Pillars of Character Counts.

And then I pointed out that the only reason that they don't
want to call any attention to the Pillars of Character Counts,
is because they don't want to call any attention to the
Pillar of Trustworthiness.

The Pillar of Trustworthiness is a standard of conduct which
requires that the leadership of the APS stand and deliver
candid, forthright and honest answers to every legitimate

They do not want to tell the truth.
They want to hide the truth from stakeholders.

There is only one reason to hide the truth.
That reason is to protect the corrupt and the incompetent
in the leadership of the APS from the consequences of
their corruption and their incompetence.

Then they passed the new codes unanimously.

cc superintendent(at)aps.edu

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Codes and regulations meant to look good on paper but never be enforced. Hm.

Like when Al Capone's gang learned to keep the "cooked" books and the financialy proper books apart?

The REAL way of doing things is a verbal code, the Good Ol' Boy oral tradition. Anything on paper has to pass casual muster of law compliance, of democratic process and integration of freedom loving concepts. But the ACTUAL way is different, see...

Political correctness is a great cover for political corruption and attempts to hide/mitigate the financial and political impact of crimes by government employees. They can avoid talking about why a teacher was not prosecuted for screwing his tennis student, out of supposed privacy issues, all the while merely paying off the victim and shuffling off the empoyee/alleged offender with no lasting consequences.

After all, seeing the person who slept with his own student prosecuted will only make people vote NO on the next mil levy! That hurts the Good Ol' Boys' chances of a raise!

But when it suits them, they have no problem trying to set a person up on crimes or assasinate their chances of a career(blackballing), to cover their own misdeeds.

Lovato skipped with no real consequences, he had dirt and enough ill-gotten cash to get a paid mouthpiece on his fellow GOBs. Same with Tom Savage and the other incompetent people who may be gone or all still improperly running things at APS.

The Moon Family took the fall for the whole Charter system ghost student fiasco, but the financial threat to our educational funds still exists due to lack of enforcement of existing laws. If one man was able to divert a million a year of it into his pocket by (drastically) over counting students, then someone better be watching so history does not repeat itself.

In Dungeons and Dragons, there is a thing called an Alignment. Ethical Paladins are Lawful Good, while greedy people (Good Old Boys)might be Lawful Evil. Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Good are like Al queda and MI6, depending on your outlook.

The lawful evil Ukranian School Master who sells school girls to brothels or the corrupt Chinese politician using public money to buy whores, it happens everywhere. And the poor and uneducated always suffer the most.

It is why those who steal from education make me angry - the very thing that is meant to give our kids a fighting chance at surviving in this modern and ugly world, their knowledge base, is being STOLEN from them by fat-cats who do nothing but justify their own existence with charts and graphs while kids continue to drop out, while TVI and UNM must spend more and more time teaching APS graduates remedial skills.