Saturday, September 06, 2008

Real reform in government

Each of us has an interest in the outcome of decisions on; pork barrel spending, ethics reform, the war in Iraq, gun control, abortion, education, governmental corruption, foreign policy, …

None of us has any individual effect on the outcomes of decisions on any of those issues.

At best we vote for a candidate who agrees with our positions on the most issues; at the expense of a vote cast against our position on every other issue.

There is no legitimate agenda that does not move forward
on the day that every citizen's personal agenda makes a
difference in the final decision.

It if fair to ask then, not only which candidate agrees with you most, but also which candidate offers the greatest likelihood of reforming government in a direction that pays attention to your individual interests?

The choice appears clear; McCain/Palin.

Do you really believe that Obama/Biden is more likely to
go to Washington to shake things up, and put you in charge
of your government?


Anonymous said...

Ched, that's a risky move against some of your loyal blog readers to start a federal campaign issue here.
Please consider staying local. Even friends don;t usually like to argue the Obama/McCain thing, so I think some of your readers will go away if you move in that direction.
Please consider that.

ched macquigg said...

Point taken.

Although I would be disappointed if my readers did not allow me an opinion on the federal side of governmental reform, in addition to my concerted effort on local reform.

My intention was only to point out a common interest.

I am grateful for your time and attention, and for your taking the time to post a comment.


Anonymous said...

Ched, I wrote the earlier comment. Sometimes things come out not so clear when we right them electronically.
What I meant to say is that you are the expert on scandal and evil in APS, and you have bled, sweated and sacrificed to bring reform to this town.
Unfortunately this is a tense year for our local, state and federal governments. People are ready to seperate and fight over the Obama/McCain issue...and I think either side that wins the election will leave the American people at a loss.
what is more disgusting is that so many people are worried about what's happening in washington, far more than here locally in the mayor's office or APS Board.