Sunday, September 14, 2008

5 apply for Gordy Rowe's empty seat on the school board

The Journal finally got around to covering the race to fill the
seat being vacated by Gordy Rowe. The Journal buried the
story in "Around New Mexico" on page B4, and does not
provide a link.

The candidates, according to the article are;

David Percy, a software scientist at Sandia Natl Lab.

Kathy Frazier, longtime parent volunteer, Arts in the School
coordinator and teacher. She apparently ran for the school
board seat in 2005.

Jon Barela, former Modrall lawyer, Intel community and
government relations manager, and co-chair of the APS

Arturo Candelaria, former Las Cruces assoc. superintendent,
former APS teacher, and human resources manager.

Mike Gibson, Director of the Associated General Contractors.

Re; Jon Barela and the APS Foundation. If you look up the
APS Foundation, you will find that they solicit donations

"... to support programs that help students and
teachers grow, develop and reach for their dreams."
If you dig a little deeper, you will find that they use donations
for another unmentioned endeavor; they also used the
donations to support the ACE conference at a posh casino
resort; the Inn of the Mountain Gods, along with a number
of APS vendors seeking lucrative contracts from the very
administrators who enjoyed the little soiree at a casino resort
far too expensive for most APS stakeholders to visit, ever.

According to the Meyners Audit, these administrators then let
contracts with (these same) vendors in excess of $50,000
"... without involving purchasing."

I would expect that these vendors will be supporting
Jon Barela/Modrall.

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