Friday, September 26, 2008

the criminal invasion of privacy

The right to personal privacy is a constitutionally guaranteed
human right. In order to invade one's privacy, it is required
that a warrant be obtained.

Imagine how you would feel to find that some one had invaded
your privacy. And that the invasion was a search for anything
that could be used to discredit you as a witness.

And that the need to discredit you was born of a need to defend
themselves against your allegation that
they had behaved criminally; felony criminally.

The APS senior administrators who used Darren White's NCIC
data base to harass and intimidate APS whistle blowers
are protected by lawyers such as those from the Modrall;
unscrupulous and unbound by even the law.

Imagine that the dollars that you unwittingly tax yourselves
in order to pay for the finest possible education for your

are being used instead to pay shyster lawyers to litigate against the public interests.

They are making so much money litigating against the public interests that your tax dollars are paying increased insurance premiums; APS leads the pack in tax dollars spent on litigation.

They are making so much money that they won't tell you how much they are making.

They are making so much money because the system, according to the Meyners Audit;
has inadequate rules, and
has inadequate accountability to the rules, and
has being keeping inadequate records. Forever.

There are likely millions of tax dollars missing.

And the wife of the president of the Modrall,
who happens to be the head honcho on the school board, and
who happens to be the President of the NM Broadcasters Association, and
who happens to be the President of the APS Character Counts Leadership Council


I will never allow any audit that individually identifies
any APS administrator or board member's incompetence
and/or corruption.

"... like for example; Tom Savage ...

The leadership of the APS is obstructing an immediate impartial
full scale forensic audit.

That alone proves the need for the audit.

Were that not proof enough, consider their steadfast refusal
to answer legitimate questions about the public interests.

They absolutely refuse to name a time, a day, and a place
where they will stand up and respond to legitimate questions
about the public interests in the public schools.

When asked;
Will you ever tell the truth?

Will you ever respond to every legitimate question,
candidly, forthrightly, and honestly?

their answer is no.

When asked will you hold yourself accountable for retaliatory
criminal invasion of a whistle blower's privacy,
their answer is

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