Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Allen Weh, Jon Barela, rule of the gavel.

Civilized folks write rules for themselves.
It levels the field between the powerful and the powerless.

But if you are one of the powerful good ol' boys
you get to self except yourself from the rules.

This is Allen Weh.
(with Chris Saucedo,
second vice chairman
state rep party)

is "explaining"
his position.

He is old school military;

ham fisted leadership
that falls short
of real leadership.

"Ham fisted leadership" is oxymoronic.

He believes in something called "the rule of the gavel" which
gives him the last word on everything. It is preposterous.
No one ever voted to give him the last word on anything.

Yet there are those who think that because they are powerful,
they can do whatever the hell they want to do.

Allen Weh thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants to do.
He thinks he can invent or suspend the rules at will.

Add to the picture; new APS School Board Member Jon Barela.
He appears to be backing Weh's play. He apparently believes
that there is a privileged class; a group of people who can bend,
break, make or ignore the rules without consequence.

Will Jon Barela bring more privilege to the school board?
Was he appointed to the board to enable the good ol' boys
to remain in power, and self excepted from accountability
even to the law?

Is he there to continue the cover up of the ethics and
accountability scandal in the leadership of the APS?

There is a simple test.

Mr. Barela,

Will you stand in support of honest accountability
to meaningful standards of conduct and competence
for administrators and board members,

or not?

Any answer except yes, means no.

Stonewalling means no.

cc Jon Barela upon posting.
No comment so far from Mr. Barela on his position
on an immediate impartial full scale forensic audit
of the entire leadership of the APS. link

Internet journalist and photographer Mark Bralley took the
photos and wrote two pieces on Allen Weh's leadership
and on a previous occasion. link

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Anonymous said...

That Weh guy looks like he wanted to kick Brally's butt. I can see Weh and the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket shredding evidence and smoking a cigar together after a black op in Laos.