Saturday, September 13, 2008

A brace of questions for Winston Brooks

Recently, the Meyners Audit revealed that; in effect, the
leadership of the APS, spending a billion tax dollars a year,

and has never had, ever;
adequate, written, financially sound policies and procedures.

And that they have never, ever, adequately enforced those
policies and procedures.

And that they never, ever kept adequate records.

More recently, there have been promotions in the APS Finance Division.

The two most senior positions have been filled. They have been filled by subordinates in the division.

Subordinates, who if they were competent, should have recognized the seriousness of the situation. Subordinates who if they were not corrupt, would have blown the whistle on the squandering of the public trust and treasure.

Unless there has been a miracle of biblical proportion,
millions of tax dollars have been wasted or stolen.

If there were in place a conspiracy to cover up public corruption,
what better positions to fill with a couple of good ol' boys than;
APS Chief Financial Officer, and APS Director of Internal Audits.

Mr. Brooks, you promised stakeholders that if you saw any
improprieties you would respond with an impartial full scale audit.

I suggest that the appearance of impropriety is so egregious
as to require a public response from you; a candid, forthright
and honest response to the issue of you personally,
and secretly, conducting the only investigation of what might be
the theft of millions of tax dollars.

Tell us why we are not going to get an immediate full scale
forensic audit of the entire expenditure of a billion dollars.

cc superintendent(at)

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