Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Albquerque Journal has an unmet obligation.

Their obligation is to provide a half page, maybe a whole page
of information that voters will need in order to participate in
the upcoming school board the elections.

Those who will be elected will spend nearly a fourth of the
entire budget for the State of New Mexico.

It is perhaps the Journal's most important obligation to their community. It is their job to give voters the information that they need in order to participate meaningfully in the elections.

There is an election for four of the seven seats on the APS board of education this coming February.

There is every reason to believe that that coverage will not be offered to readers.

Currently, voter stakeholders are being kept in the dark about the vacancy in APS District 7. Voters are being kept in the dark about the school board's plan to install Modrall lawyer, Jon Barela on the board, in order that they have a board member who will not audit APS/Modrall.

Not only do voters need information,
but they need it in time to use it.

If Jon Barela is installed by APS/Maes/Modrall now,
he is all but guaranteed victory in a February election.
Especially because the APS Board of Education
will be in the Journal, on a full page, telling voters what a
wonderful addition to the board, that Jon Barela is;
and how indispensable he has become.

I strain to imagine the circumstances for the Journal's failure
to cover the APS school board for voters.

I can only imagine one. Someone at the Journal is corrupt.

He is deliberately withholding information from voters for the sole purpose of protecting the corrupt and the incompetent in the leadership of the APS from accountability for their corruption, and for their incompetence.

And if there is any other reason at all, I cannot imagine it,
and he steadfastly refuses to articulate it.

He could; right here, right now.

He won't; because he can't.
He cannot refute his record; he can only hide it.

cc Charlie Moore and Kent Walz; Journal editors
upon posting.

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