Monday, September 15, 2008

Constitutional and contractual rights suspended at Jefferson Middle School

Teachers at Jefferson Middle School have a constitutional
right to petition their government.

They also have a contractual right to a duty free lunch.

Never the less, according to local blogger; Scot Key link
Jefferson Principal Michael McNamara has suspended
both the Negotiated Agreement between APS teachers and the
APS, and the Constitution of United States of America.

"The staff at my school has been informed that
we cannot eat with the VIPs, or join in their
"round table discussion" ..."
If only the leadership of the APS provided some venue that
guarantees a principled resolution of complaints against
administrators, perhaps a complaint could be filed,
and teachers would be allowed to exercise their rights.

No venue is provided of course, so no complaint can be filed
and teachers at Jefferson Middle School get the shaft.

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