Friday, September 19, 2008

APS Gina Hickman sez;

According to Andrea Schoellkopf and the Journal
link sub req; APS is having trouble paying vendors on time.
APS' new CFO said of the delays;

"It's very complicated, but frankly,
based on the very preliminary data,
I'm still not concerned," Hickman said.
(emphasis added)
One score and five years ago, I was teaching shop.

In order to buy supplies, I used an SPO Book;
Small Purchase Order.

There were useful vendors who wouldn't take the chits
because APS never paid their bills on time.

The preliminary data is in, long since.

The APS Finance Division is in chaos.
They have huge problems and a need to fix them without
admitting that they exist.

They won't tell you have much money they have lost.
It could easily be millions. There is a billion dollars on the table;
every year.

Gina Hickman knew before the Meyners auditors knew,
that the APS Finance Division was spending a billion dollars
a year
  • without meaningful standards of conduct and competence, and
  • without honest accountability to any standards at all, and
  • without keeping records complete and accurate enough to send anybody to prison.

Gina Hickman did not blow the whistle.

Neither did APS bean counter; Michael Kimbrell.

They were there, they knew, they didn't blow the whistle.

Now she is APS Chief Financial Officer.
And he is APS Director of Internal Audits.

And are both in perfect position to cover up the waste and
theft of millions of tax dollars.

Winston Brooks sees no need to begin an immediate, full scale
forensic audit of the entire leadership of the APS.

In fact, he refuses to discuss it on the record.

Winston Brooks has a huge need to repair APS' image to
stakeholders; a huge need. He is blazing around the district
in a bus, along with all the APS dignitaries, busily trying to
restore public confidence in their badly tarnished leadership.

And all he really has to do is produce a clean audit.
If he could do that, all criticism would be proven false.

If Winston Brooks could produce a clean audit,
APS' reputation would be completely restored in one instant.

But he can't.

He cannot produce an audit which reports that there are
meaningful standards of conduct and competence, and
there is honest accountability to those standards.

Because meaningful standards of conduct and competence
for the leadership of the APS do not exist.
They cannot point to them.

And because there is no accountability; even to the law.

They cannot point to a record except of litigation against
the public interests, to protect good ol' boys from the
consequences of their incompetence and their corruption.

They cannot pass an audit.

If they could pass an audit they would, in a heartbeat.

But they won't even talk about it;
they won't sit still and answer questions about it;
they refuse to respond candidly, forthrightly, and honestly.

Why in the world would you let them get away with simply
refusing to be audited?

Paula Maes Modrall sez; no audit, no way,
and that's alright with you?

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