Thursday, September 18, 2008

APS' Rigo Chavez, custodian and mental health expert

I have filed a number of requests to inspect and or copy
public records.

Some of the records have been compiled and are ready for

I have a disability that interferes with my ability to accept
that surrender in his offices.

I suffer from ptsd and anxiety.

Rigo Chavez has taken it upon himself to be the state's
diagnostician of my mental health.

He writes;

"I have seen you at the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education meetings at the same location as our offices on numerous occasions most recently on Sept. 3, 2008.
If you are able to attend these meetings, you should be able to come to the same location to inspect records."

Coincidentally, yesterday afternoon I had a pretty much full
blown anxiety attack link in the lobby and in the public forum.

It was witnessed, it was on security cameras, and it was in
front of a board meeting.

Rigo Chavez will argue that I have publicly embarrassed myself
as part of a deliberate deception;
in order to "prove" my fake disability.

Though the legitimacy of the disability is well documented
in the public record.

All I want them to do is to accept a deposit, and then surrender
the records to me in order that I can take them away from the
stronghold of the people who destroyed my career and a
substantial part of my life.

The accommodation works for the legitimate agenda of the
state; less man hours will be spent, less effort will be expended.
It saves taxpayers money.

There is no legitimate agenda that is served by their insistence
that I come into their house to spend hours looking for
the truth hidden amongst the chaff.

The Attorney Generals Office is worthless.

Assistant Attorney General Zachary Schandler refuses to
acknowledge my letters to him.

The truth that I am looking for is, of public corruption and
criminal conspiracy.

Senior APS leadership used a sophisticated and supposedly
secure data base, owned by Darren White, to do illegal
background checks in retaliating against APS whistle blowers.

Then US Attorney David Iglesias (this is not about Iglesias)
said it was serious misconduct.

The evidence of criminal misconduct was given to
Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg.

Or maybe not. The leadership of the APS, lets call it
Winston Brooks, will not confirm or deny that the evidence
was ever actually handed over.

Neither will Kari Brandenburg.

I asked for any records of, the records that were turned over
to the DA. I want a list of the records which were surrendered.

Rigo Chavez writes;
"... these are also not subject to inspection under the Act
because they are "law enforcement records that reveal ...
individuals accused but not charged with a crime."
Therefore your request is denied."
This is pretty much the same excuse that Kari Brandenburg
used when I asked her for the public records that revealed
whether or not she has actually spent even one hour looking at
credible evidence of felony criminal misconduct, and she claimed
exception to the law.

In a few months, the statute of limitations will expire and
the good ol' boys will skate on the consequences of
felony criminal misconduct.

Former APS Police Chief Gil Lovato has said that
if the truth is ever told; there won't be a single senior
administrator left standing.

Winston Brooks has a choice; he can tell the truth about
the public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the leadership
of the APS (police department)

or he can continue to try to hide it.

If his choice is to continue to try to hide it,
he will enjoy the support of the mass media.
He will enjoy the support of the Albuquerque Journal.

There really is a privileged class here in River City, and
they really do cover each others asses.

There is only one reason to hide the truth and
it is against the public interest. They are hiding the truth
to protect a bunch of good ol' boys from the consequences
of their corruption and their incompetence.

All that Winston Brooks has to do to refute any of this is
to surrender the time, the date, and the place where
he will sit and respond to every legitimate question,
candidly, forthrightly and honestly.

cc superintendent(at), board(at)


Unknown said...

PTSD and anxiety over having been treated badly by a company or entity (comprised of men and women who have feet of clay) is complex.

I still suffer problems of perseverence of thought patterns, of not being able to let go of the past so that I can focus on the now. I can be calm some days, and others I am the living definition of hyper-vigilance and living in 2004 instead of in 2008.

To me, relating to someone of a like mind who has been threshed up by the same gears, a fellow wounded citizen caught in the path of the APS/Charter School Juggernaut, is GOOD. But I want you to be happy, Ched. No one cares about Ethics. We lost.

Lawyers rule the Earth. They are the new priesthood, those who intercede between us and Money and Justice. Seeing how its done is not enough, you need to be in the Bar Club, or know how to file the papers that make Judges notice you.

The best we can do without getting law degrees? Get paralegal certifictes and make them mandamus, make them hand over the records in Court.

CNM has classes on the subjects of civil litigation, of evidence and of public laws. There is a class on just how to format legal papers for the Court, if you are up to speed on the matter at hand and just want to know how to request that an entity and you meet in Court in front of a judge and figure out what really is public record and what is not.

And that is TONS of stress - series of classes and Court appearances and paperwork, things that make us PTSD having folk cringe and despair. Plus expensive.

But we have no other way to get the evidence that damns the ignorant or morally corrupt people who hold it, that damns the entity that they get thier paycheck from.

When duplicitous people are the gate-keepers to the truth, only the unbeholden want the Word known.

Anonymous said...

Check out how much these micky mouse tours are costing.

Unknown said...

stronghold of the people who destroyed my career and a
substantial part of my life."

It must be slightly different for you than me. I have seen the person who lied about me indicted on criminal charges. Had you asked me how I was in 2005, I would have been fuming a little about that all the time, that Moon had not yet seen Justice. He still has not had his trial, but the process is going.

Even Gil Lovato is "moving on" with his life. Good, I abjure him to stay on his side of the river, and stay the Hell away from me and mine. Worthless philandering, lazy-ass creep.

I have made some kind of peace with Moon since his lies are a matter of public record. I have less closure with Gil since he never saw Justice, only was sorta let go and told not to come back no more, no more, hit the road, never come back no more. Don't let the Annual leave and Comp time and whatever other pay-out hit you in the wallet on the way-out!

Tyrants both, and Mike McNamera may be of their ilk, and has seen no Justice for his lies against you. I have no idea what was said in your hearing, but you have said that Mike lied in it.

I said he may be the lesser of two dumbasses in another post, and I didn't want you to think I had forgotten that he lied in a public hearing about your career. I think he was doing what the lawyers told him to do, what his bosses told him to say. And that is why he is making it up the ladder. He is a Company Man.

I have had lies/opinions (uninformed and outright duplicitous ones) read into offical statements about me too. People I have oppossed have lied to try and make me look bad, on the record, too. And I don't have closure with the most of them.

My soul feels less cohesive, but my mind has gotten stronger. I lost faith to gain knowledge. Odin lost an eye to see inside himself, to be hung on the tree of knowledge and pain.

We have been given a GIFT Ched, really. Most people, thank God, are never treated as we were in our respective but disrespectful exits from public service; with lies spouted against us in failed attempts to cover up negligence and crimes of those we blew the whistle on.

Vision is our messed up and un-asked for "gift" out of getting drubbed by the School Monster and hung up on the Tree of Education, as examples to others. I have "fraud-o-vision" now, and see the ways that kick-backs and no-show jobs/school-kids and acts of intimidation make up a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations case.

You have "Ched-o-vision" which is damn cool, buddy. You can see the LACK of Ethics - you see the shadows where there should be light. And you try your best to open the curtains and put the torch close enough to see what kind of graft and corruption they are up to NOW.

Every beat down, evry rank in and rank out, every battle you fight in court and on asphalt, teaches you something, gives you a type of perceptual angle on the world.

They won't see our angle until THEY get royally career screwed (sans lube)and no one but Ched and Joe even GETS that a rape of the soul just took place, on APS time, with APS resources, by APS employees. And they do this to someone on their own team, some poor but character having shmuck who tries to shine the light in the dark.