Thursday, September 25, 2008

APS "Communication" is a red herring.

A red herring is;

something intended to divert attention from the
real problem or matter at hand; a misleading clue.

It comes from the practice of drawing a dead fish across the trail of an escaping miscreant to send the dogs on a false path.

Whenever the leadership of the APS finds themselves in a bind, they schedule a bunch of meetings to allow stakeholders to express their opinions on what is wrong in the district. It makes them feel like they have done something to fix the problems.

They haven't.

If those in the leadership of the APS don't already know what
the problems are, then shame on them for their incompetence.

And woe are those who actually believe that these "public
forums" serve any useful purpose except to distract
stakeholders from the lack of real progress in overcoming
the obstacles to education.

Any public forum that does not include the opportunity to ask
questions and expect candid, forthright and and honest
responses, is a red herring; a soporific for stakeholders;
a little something to make them feel better without doing
anything that actually makes anything any better.

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